Spectra Helpline


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Spectra Helpline is a non-profit, multicultural organization providing free, caring and confidential distress lines and support services in several languages for the diverse population of the Region of Peel and surrounding area.

The Project 

  • As a Helpline volunteer, you will support callers on our 24/7 Helpline, crisis/suicide and elder abuse lines.
  • Spectra Helpline will provide extensive training to prepare you for your role at Spectra. You will learn how to give your whole attention to each person you’re supporting, and empathize with their feelings without being overwhelmed yourself.

Theme: Health Related, Adult and Eldery Support

Related Disciplines: Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology/Criminology, Anthropology) Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Humanities

Sign Up by September 22nd 2017

Students who have signed up for our projects must attend one of our two mandatory long-term volunteer training sessions. Training dates are below:

Monday September 25th from 2-4pm in the Faculty Club

Friday September 29th from 5-7pm in Spigel Hall


Please use "@mail.utoronto.ca" email address
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