Elder Technology Assistance Group (ETAG)

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Elder Technology Assistance Group (ETAG), is dedicated to enabling older adults to become active users of modern technology in their daily lives. Specializing in teaching adults, 55 years and older, about current technology and its effective and practical use, ETAG is committed to empowering participants in an accommodating atmosphere that is matched to individuals’ focus and pace. We strive towards a world without a digital divide between generations. 

The Projects @ UTM 

ETAG's one-to-one technology assistance program is available weekly in multiple technology centres throughout the Halton and Peel regions. The program is structured to accommodate all learners; from beginners needing help with the basics to more advanced users looking to expand their knowledge. One unique characteristic of the program is that participants can get help with all types of technology.

Technology Coach Role:

  • Engage with participants to identify their needs and interests
  • Communicate technology concepts and help participants understand common internet tools and websites; avoid technology jargon
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to accomplish tasks
  • Provide participants with notes
  • Be a pleasant and patient person 


  • Confident technology user
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Able to take on a leadership role
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to work effectively in teams and independently

Themes: Adult and Elderly Support

Related Disciplines: Computer Science, CCIT, Social Sciences, Management/Commerce


Sign-up by September 22nd 

Students who have signed up for our projects must attend one of our two mandatory long-term volunteer training sessions. Training dates are below:

Monday September 25th from 2-4pm in the Faculty Club

Friday September 29th from 5-7pm in Spigel Hall

Please use "@mail.utoronto.ca" email address
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