Why Your Vote Matters

Why your Vote Matters

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With on-going Campus Elections, students must be asking important questions: "Why should I vote? Do I really have to vote? How will my vote impact me? Who should I vote for? What's the point of voting in general elections?" etc etc etc.... The questions are never-ending, and often we are too busy to have a huge conversation regarding these. 

The Project 

UTM Centre for Student Engagement is bringing you this informative event- "Why Your Vote MATTERS", with our knowledegable Guest Speaker Professor Justin Bumgardner. 
Professor Bumgardner is a current Professor in the Department of Political Science of UTM. He has taught various courses regarding Democracy, International Law, Comparative Politics and many more! 

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Learn why our STUDENT YOUTH should be participating in all types of elections: campus elections, city elections and finally national elections. Learn how not participating in elections can be detrimental for a system and ultimately a country. 

Attend the TALK in this event for an hour, and walk away with information that will help you for a *lifetime*. 
Your Vote Can Make a MAJOR Difference - locally and globally. 

Date: March 7th, 2017

Location: CCT2150

Time: 5:00pm