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  • Local non-profit organizations are often faced with multiple resource priorities. This challenge means that organizations do not always have the time, or resources, to explore valuable opportunities that would bring about exciting change to their operation. This is where you come in!
  • Have you completed a stream of utmLEAD? Do you want to create change in our community? Do you have a great idea on how to do this? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then you are the perfect candidate for a Leadership in Action Project!

The Project 

  • After completing utmLEAD, students have the opportunity to implement what they’ve learned through participating in the Leadership in Action: Community Innovation Project.
  • utmLEAD participants and student leaders are encouraged to apply!

  • Participate in working alongside a community partner of your choice and creating a project of your own creation!

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  • The Leadership in Action Project is very similar to a Community Innovation Project, however, instead of a community partner reaching out, student leaders will have a chance to reach out to them to suggest a project that a group of students can work on with the community partner.
  • Students first need to identify a need or challenge within a group or community that they can support with a Leadership in Action Project. The project can be an event, workshop, active or passive campaign, etc. that aligns with any theme to improve the community partners needs for their participants or community.
  • The team will work towards a deadline of March/ April.

  • The team will present their project or implement an event that supports change within the community.

  • Please note that space is limited, and that not all projects will be approved.

  • Deadline to apply: Sunday, Nov 27th 2016. 

‚ÄčFor more information, please email Alysha Ferguson, alysha.ferguson@utoronto.ca 

Please use utoronto email
Be sure to note the challenge you wish to address and why this would benefit a specific group or community. Think about your mission and goals of the project, what you will need, the theme of the project (i.e. sustainability, children & youth, etc.), who you need to connect with, how you will complete the project and a timeline outlining your project
i.e. Student Leadership positions
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