utmONE Scholars Enrichment Events

What are utmONE Scholars Enrichment Events?

Exclusive to utmONE Scholars students, these fun and engaging events provide an enriching look at exciting opportunities available to UTM students. These events offer the chance to meet with faculty members, learn from knowledgeable peers, and to experience UTM outside of the classroom.  

Examples of Enrichment Events include (but are not limited to) opportunities such as learning to create a mobile app or game, a film screening and discussion, case study competition, debate, equity and diversity session, and an interactive session on innovation. Enrichment Events will help develop your critical thinking, communication, academic and other beneficial skills. 

Past Enrichment Events

Explore: Navigating Intercultural Communication at UTM

With such a diverse population, intercultural interactions occur on a daily basis at UTM. While we are all members of the same community, we cannot leave our cultural backgrounds at the door, and we may not always be prepared for the differences we encounter. Communication styles, which are closely linked to cultural values, influence our behaviors, expectations, and interactions in (and beyond) the classroom. Navigating this intercultural framework is the first step in success. Join us for this interactive workshop as we investigate differences in communication styles and work through scenarios that help to make sense of cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Explore: Research Opportunities at UTM

Students, staff, and faculty at Explore Research event in January 2017

utmONE Scholars have an exciting opportunity to learn more about the importance of research skills while also exploring various research opportunities offered by UTM. We invite you to engage with former research program participants, meet professors and staff representatives, learn about previous projects, and familizarize yourself with application requirements.