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I was able to engage in critical conversations with peers, learn more about [...] the various databases and citation guides, and have developed several close friendships with like-minded students...


This course provided a strong foundation for students to explore topics the course itself did not cover explicitly.

Unlike other large first year courses, this course allowed for in-depth group discussions. The small size allowed all students to voice their opinions in a welcoming environment. This course also gave students a chance to consistently engage with primary sources outside of projects.

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What is utmONE Scholars?

utmONE Scholars are small, interactive classes that offer a select group of academically successful new students an engaging and intellectually stimulating classroom experience. Putting a strong emphasis on critical thinking and effective communication and incorporating hands-on experience in designing, conducting, and sharing results of your own research, Scholars classes truly stand out as a unique opportunity at UTM. Designed and taught by stellar faculty members around themes that inspire intellectual curiosity and appeal to a wide variety of interests, these courses cultivate effective learning practices and the appreciation of diverse perspectives. Year after year, utmONE Scholars help students develop solid foundations for further academic and professional success through collaborative, intellectually stimulating, and challenging experiences of active learning and intensive personal growth.  

What are the benefits of utmONE Scholars?

Small class size (maximum 30 students per seminar)

Explore fascinating and important areas of knowledge outside of disciplinary boundaries

Participate in collaborative and hands-on activities such as debates, group projects, and field trips

Develop solid research skills through active participation

Learn to effectively communicate your ideas  

Advance your academic reading and writing skills

Engage with other highly motivated and academically talented peers

Enjoy Scholars Common Hour Events to further enrich your university journey 


Earn 0.5 credit that counts towards your distribution requirements


2017-18 utmONE Scholars seminars

UTM195H5   Curiosity and Control (HUM, SCI, EXP)
Winter Term Offering

Students will investigate how both a curiosity for novelty and a desire for control motivated the so-called “Age of Discovery” and shaped the experiences of First Nations, Africans, and Europeans in medieval and early modern North America. With a focus on how people adapted to new environments, this course will provide opportunities for students to explore historical questions with contemporary resonance from the perspectives of both science and the humanities.

Instructor: Mairi Cowan

UTM196H5   Building Global Justice (HUM, SSc, EXP)
Winter Term Offering

This course focuses on themes of social justice, global change, and conflict through the lens of multiple disciplines. Through the exploration of concepts such as class, race, gender, religion, culture, and power on a global level, students will be involved in assignments and small group activities that develop and refine key skills that contribute to student success in university courses. 

Instructor: Nicole Laliberte

UTM197H5   Humans in Nature (SCI, SSc, EXP)
Winter Term Offering

This course will explore how humans have utilized the natural world and the impacts this has had on both the global environment and human societies. We will focus on topics such as human and natural history, conservation, sustainability, resource exploitation, domestication, GMOs, and our fascination with nature. The course will include a field component in our campus environment. Throughout the course, we will develop the critical usage of, and reflection about, the scientific method. 

Instructors: Steven Chatfield 

Launching Your Research (utm290H5) 

All utmONE Scholar alumni are eligible to apply for utmONE Scholars: Launching Your Research (utm290H5) course. This 200-level utmONE Scholars seminar offers an engaging and interactive way to build upon the research skills developed in a first-year utmONE Scholars seminar. You will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience collecting and analyzing data, while also earning a 0.5 credit that counts towards your distribution requirements. There will also be an opportunity to participate in an international field-study experience to the Gerace Research Centre in San Salvador, Bahamas. 

Read students' blog about research trip in February 2017!  

How do I apply for utmONE Scholars?

utmONE Scholars is an application-based program. You must be invited to apply in order to be eligible. Additional applications will not be reviewed.

Eligible students will receive an invitation to apply in the mail or via email. Students for utmONE Scholars will be selected via a competitive application process. All utmONE Scholars applicants will be notified of their application status by the end of June.


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