UTM Real-Talk: Health & Wellness Session Descriptions

UTM Real-Talk: Health & Wellness

Tuesday August 29th from 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.



Nature Trail hike(s)

Stretch your legs and get some exercise and fresh air with a hike on UTM's own nature trail!  Learn a little bit about the natural history of the campus and what UTM is doing to protect the environment.  See the beautiful forest, old field, Credit River, and if you're lucky, even catch a glimpse of UTM's famous deer!

Tours with a Theme

There is so much more to UTM than classrooms and buildings.  Check out one of our themed tours to learn about some of the other things happening at UTM:    1 - Art Tour of Campus  2 - Study Spaces Tour  3 - Foodie Tour  4 - Hidden Gems of UTM 5-UTM Students with families spaces and places

You Gotta Eat here!

Haven’t you always wished school offered great food? Well UTM does! Not only are meals prepared from scratch by the hands of experienced culinary professionals, we use the freshest ingredients and strive to purchase our food locally. Whether it is fresh oven fired pizza or homemade chicken noodle soup, you’ll always be certain the food you’re eating is that of wholesome quality.

Healthy Habits

We get it, it's hard to be healthy. But what if taking care of yourself didn't have to feel so intimidating? And what if, we could convince you that you could actually do better in your studies if you you learned better healthy habits? In this session, we will talk about some of the common health concerns that students face, tips and strategies for a healthy daily routine, and the wide range of resources that exist on campus for you to be the healthiest you!