UTM Real-Talk: Get Involved Session Descriptions

UTM Real-Talk: Get Involved

Tuesday August 29th from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.



Discover Your Leadership Potential

In this interactive session students will understand what it means to be a leader, practice some leadership skills, and experience a mini-utmLEAD workshop.

Traveling the World!

Find out how to travel while earning a credit (s) towards your degree or gain Co-Curricular Record recognition. Discover how you can spend a semester or a year studying at a partner institution overseas, traveling abroad as part of a UTM course or traveling during your study breaks. 

How to Make Money on Campus with your Top Skills

Do you want to work on campus?  This session will help you figure out where the jobs are, what skills you have and when to apply.

Developing your Soft Skills in the Peel Region

Ever wondered how you can develop those 'soft skills' that are needed to attain a job? Want to find ways to meet new people and also be involved with something that is of interest to you? The Centre for Student Engagement offers a wide range of activites for you to network, develop new skills and engage in the Peel Region all while adding to your Co-Curricular Record (and resume)! Join us to learn more!

UTM Mythbusters!

Are you apprehensive about your university experience? Do you wish you could hear from and talk to upper year students who’ve “been there” and “done that”? Come out and interact with our upper year student leaders as they bust through some UTM myths and misconceptions

Leadership and Lifestyle: Alumni Secrets

Leadership, health and wellness -  Get the tools you can learn from alumni!  Learn from UTM Alumni Association Board members who have experience in leadership and wellness.  They will have invaluable lessons to pass along to you!

Become a UTM Wellness Ambassador

Interested in promoting student health and wellness on campus? Find out about your new UTM Wellness Ambassadors Program and how you can get involved this year! Whether you want to participate in an upcoming event like our annual MoveU Motivator or YOLO Pub Night, or want to volunteer as a UTM Wellness Ambassador, there are many other ways you can help build a healthier UTM campus (while also learning new skills and having fun!).