UTM Real-Talk: Academic Success Session Descriptions

UTM Real Talk: Academic Success

Tuesday August 29th from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

You are able to attend one UTM Real Talk Session from this timeslot.

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Building your Academic Vocabulary

It’s going to be very difficult to write a good academic paper if you do not have the appropriate academic vocabulary needed to do so. In this session, ideas and strategies on how to build up a useful academic vocabulary are discussed.

Academic Integrity-What is Plagiarism

Academic integrity at the university level goes far beyond cheating on a test. There are rules that you need to know and standards that you need to adhere to. This session provides an overview of what academic integrity is and what you need to know.

Critical Reading in University

University students need to be able to read quickly, accurately, and thoroughly, but they also need the ability to skim and scan. This workshop provides some helpful tips on how to approach your course readings.

Time Management

Twelve weeks might seem like a long time, but this time flies by fast, especially if you are unprepared. This session assists you in expanding your time-management skills and developing strategies for efficient study habits.

Test your Math Skills

Do you have the math skills to be successful in first-year university?  This workshop provides you with an opportunity to assess your first-year math skills and find out where you can get support on campus.

Transfer 101

We know you’re not new to the post-secondary world, so Transfer 101 will focus on providing you with essential information specific to UTM. We will cover academic information regarding course enrolment and your transfer credit assessment, resources and services available to ensure a smooth and successful transition, and give you a chance to meet other transfer students.  We look forward to meeting you!

Library 101 – WOW, the Library does what?!

We have swag! Come and learn how the Library can help you succeed. We have online resources that will blow your mind, reference staff to guide you and we loan laptop computers! Find out more in our session!

Believing in Yourself: Building Motivation for Achievement

Join us as we explore methods for developing and maintaining an attitude of positive motivation! 

You’ve Got GRIT!!!

To be successful in life it takes more than just intelligence. Grit, a trait that combines passion with perseverance, has been found by researchers to be a trait shared by many successful individuals. Come discover your Grit score and learn tools for how to channel and improve your own level of Grit!

What Your Professors Wish You Already Knew

Ever feel confused about 'what your teacher wants' on an exam or paper? Want an inside scoop on your professor's expectations about student work? How excellent students approach their course work and education? If the answer is 'yes' feel free to attend Dr. Christopher Petrakos' (Department of Historical Studies) informative breakout session where he tries to get to the bottom of the elusive question: 'what am I supposed to do here?'

International Student Welcome

This session welcomes incoming international students with tips and information on adjusting to life at UTM. Learn the ins and outs of life in Mississauga, immigration and health insurance, what the university can help with, and how you can connect with the UTM community to make the best of your university experience.

Tuesday August 29th from 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

You are able to attend one UTM Real Talk Session from this timelsot.



Academic Language and Oral Communication

While writing is important, so is being able to communicate verbally. This session highlights the importance of speaking skills both in and out of the classroom.

Study Planning and Interpreting your Syllabus

In each of your courses, you are going to be provided with an essential document – the syllabus. This session highlights how to read and interpret your syllabus along with what to do with the information you are given.

Critical Writing in University

In some classes, written assignments can make up a large portion of your overall grade, so being a good writer can give you an advantage. This session provides strategies and resources available to help guide you to success in your writing.

Writing a Lab Report for Chemistry and Biology

As a science student, lab reports could be a substantial part of your work. This session provides an overview on the structure of a lab report in both Chemistry and Biology.

Avoiding Plagiarism and Learning Citation- paraphrasing, quoting, summarizing

University students are expected to use correct citation and paraphrasing methods.  Learn the different citation methods from across the disciplines and understand how to paraphrase.

Bridging the Gap

We know returning to your education as a mature student is an exciting yet daunting experience that can come with a unique set of challenges. During this session we will discuss the pathway expectations and available resources for successfully addressing those challenges, and give you a chance to meet your peers about to embark on this pathway with you. We respect and appreciate the wealth and diversity of the experience you bring with you to the classroom and we want to ensure you are as comfortable and confident in this new academic environment as possible. Note: This session is primarily for UTM Bridging Pathway students but other mature students may benefit from the information and discussions throughout.

Developing an Attitude for Success: Growth Mindset & Positive Psychology

Learn about what success means to you and strategies for achieving it through positive thinking.

Taking Hard Courses in University, and Becoming RICH!!

A question: In your future career, would you prefer:

a) to be unemployed, watching tv at home; or

b) to be interacting successfully with intelligent machines?

For those interested in b) we will describe a path you can follow at university that involves challenging yourself intellectually, investing in valuble conceptual skills, and (on average) becoming rich!