utmONE Scholars: Launching Your Research (UTM290H5)

This 200-level utmONE Scholars seminar offers an engaging and interactive way to build upon the research skills developed in a first-year utmONE Scholars seminar. You will gain hands-on experience collecting and analyzing data, while also earning a 0.5 credit that counts towards your distribution requirements. There is also an opportunity to participate in an international field-study experience to the Gerace Research Centre in San Salvador, Bahamas during the February reading week.

Read student blog about February 2017 research trip!  

This is an application-based course. All students who are currently enrolled in, or have completed, a first-year utmONE Scholars seminar in the 2015-16 academic year are eligible to apply. Applications from utmONE Scholars students from any academic discipline are welcome! 


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Course Description: This course will provide hands-on, field and laboratory-based learning from a broad spectrum of disciplines. Students will participate and ultimately lead every aspect of designing and undertaking a comprehensive research program. This will include 1) designing a team-based interdisciplinary research project complete with a testable hypothesis subjected to state-of-the-art methodology and instrumentation, 2) gathering of primary, field-based data, 3) rigorous interpretation of the trends highlighted during data processing, and 4) broad dissemination of the novel results through peer-review publishing. Each research team will learn and employ the Agile method of project management, which focuses on breaking up daunting research projects into a series of small manageable tasks to ensure successful project completion.

Instructors: Marc Laflamme and Paul Piunno

Maximum Enrolment: 16 

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If you have questions regarding UTM290H5, the application package and/or its components, please contact sveta.frunchak@utoronto.ca.