Dear Parents Newsletter: October Edition

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Greetings from The Office of Student Transition at UTM!

Thank you for your continued investment in your students' journey through university. Your continued interest is essential to help support and guide your student as they transition in and through the university experience.

This month we are hosting a workshop for parents and families to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about your student's continuing journey through university. Our monthly session will focus on "Helping Your Student Bounce Back." Learn more about our workshop in our "Parent and Family Workshop" section.

In the first issue...

We hope that you and your student are continuing to enjoy your transition to life at UTM.

Office of Student Transition

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What a busy time for you and your students! As we continue on this journey through your student's first year at UTM, we will break down some of the common experiences that a student may face during the month of October.

During October, your student will be completing their first assignments, tests, and/or midterm exams. Some of their first marks will be coming back, and students may be surprised by how they're doing. If this occurs, they should look to access the available resources, including their LAUNCH Leader, the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre, and their professor/TA's office hours.

Outside the classroom, the newness of it all has likely faded. If they haven't already found friends and community on campus, they may look around and start to feel uncomfortable. Taking study breaks, getting involved outside the classroom, and participating in campus events are important for maintaining a well-rounded and healthy university experience.

Some of the conversation starters you can use with your student include:

  • How many times have you been to see your professors and/or teaching assistants during their office hours?
  • Have you created a schedule of upcoming assignments and tests?
  • Have you turned in all of your assignments?
  • Are you taking time to rest, exercise, and meet up with friends?
  • What type of system do you use to track your spending?

If your student lives in residence, some questions to ask could include:

  • What type of activities do you and your roommate do together?
  • What events in residence have you participated in?

If your student is commuting to campus, other questions you could ask:

  • How can I support you in creating an environment that is conducive to your learning?
  • Have you found somewhere on campus to study between classes?
  • Are you participating in events and activities on campus?

These common experiences and check-in strategies can help you and your student to keep on track with important details, deadlines, and keep communication open during the year. Many of your students may experience disappointment at this stage of the university life cycle and will need your positive support and problem solving skills. Next month, we are offering a workshop for parents and families on "Helping Your Student Bounce Back." More information is provided in our section “Parent & Family Workshops” below.

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Helping Your Student Bounce Back
Wednesday, November 8, 2017
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Council Chamber, Davis Building Room 3130CC

Join us in a panel discussion with faculty, staff and students and hear stories of resiliency and grit!

Come and explore the UTM Campus. Meet other UTM family members and student service representatives. Student Housing and Residence Life staff will be available to provide specific information for families of residence students, and the Office of Student Transition staff will provide specific information for the families of commuter students.

Upcoming Sessions
You are also invited to join us in December for our session, “Health, Wellness and Your Student,” on coaching your student to maintain good physical and mental health in their first year at university. More information will be posted soon!

Register now at

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Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre (RGASC)

Conveniently located on the third floor of the library, the Robert Gillespie  Academic Skills Centre (RGASC) supports UTM students through academic workshops, seminars, and individual consultations to provide them with the tools to succeed in their studies.

This month we would like to highlight a resource that your new student may find useful. The RGASC offers a program tailored to students in their early years of study, called Peer Facilitated Student Groups (FSGs). These groups give students the opportunity to review course material in an organized and regularly-scheduled format. Your student can compare and review study notes, discuss concepts with peers, develop study strategies, and prepare for tests and exams.

Schedules for FSG sessions are available online at the FSG Schedule.

For more information about the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre, visit

RGASC Contact Information:
Phone: 905-828-3858
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Room 390K, Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre (Library)

Important Dates Banner

November 1, 2017
Deadline to apply for a Letter of Permission to study at another Canadian university in the Winter Term
November 1, 2017
Deadline to apply for the University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS). This program is for full-time students to assist with filling the financial gap for full-time students who have received the maximum amount of government financial aid available but who funding does not cover all their university costs. More information including eligibility is provided on the UTAPS Website
November 7, 2017
Last day to drop an F course from academic record and GPA.
November 7, 2017
For students paying course fees: Last day to drop a Y course and receive a 50% course fee refund.
November 8, 2017
"Helping Your Student Bounce Back" workshop! A Parent and Family workshop to help you aid your student in navigating the challenges of their transition. Register at
November 8, 2017 - December 4, 2017
CR/NCR request period on ACORN for F courses
November 30, 2017
For students registered in the Fall/Winter session: Deadline to pay fees for Winter term to avoid service charges (if you were registered by paying at least the minimum payment).
November 30, 2017
For students registered in the 'S' term only, last day to pay minimum amount of tuition fees as indicated on ACORN invoice.

For more important dates and deadlines, visit the Office of the Registrar's Website.

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An online tool to help your students manage their learning. With blackboard, students can access their course materials, post on discussion boards, read announcements from course professors/teaching assistants (TAs), and more!

Is the sum of the grade points earned, divided by the number of courses in which the grade points were earned.

Credit/No Credit
An option students can select, in which up to 2.0 credits that are not program requirements can be assessed for either a credit or no credit. To achieve a  status of CR (Credit), a student must achieve a final mark of at least 50%. Marks below that will be assessed as NCR (No Credit). Courses with a final status of CR will count as degree credits but will have no effect on the student's GPA.

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Did you know?

The first female astronaut to go to outer space was UTM alumna Roberta Bondar. Bondar had completed her doctorate in Neurobiology at UTM and later went on to work for NASA where she had the opportunity to conduct microgravity experiments on their 1992 mission. During her lifetime, she has amassed 22 honorary degrees at universities in North America as well as earned herself a place in the Canadian Medical Hall of fame. Despite this extraordinary level of achievement, Bondar has kept the UTM community close by returning to give guest lectures at seminars and conferences held on campus.


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