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The Centre for Student Engagement supports the growth and development of upper-year students in the form of paid employment, internship opportunities, and volunteer positions. Applying for a position within the Centre for Student Engagement is a fantastic way to get involved on campus and enhance your student experience.

Your growth and development will be supported by your larger Centre for Student Engagement family that will include other student leaders and professional staff that will be there to guide you along your exciting journey! If you are interested in fostering your leadership, mentoring skills, and enjoy variety and new challenges, this is your chance to make a positive impact to the UTM student population! Apply now, these are opportunities that you do not want to miss!

Volunteer Positions *Closed*

Orientation and Outreach Ambassador (CLN ID#: 111556) 

This co-curricular opportunity is a fantastic way to interact with many new people and support a wide variety of events that occur within the Centre for Student Engagement, while building your skill-set as a student leader on campus. If you are looking for a way to be engaged on campus (within the flexibility of your personal schedule) and want to develop personally and professionally, then this position is for you! Applicants will be hired on a first come basis until all openings are filled. You can contact should you have any further questions. 

Internship Opportunities (for-credit) *Closed*

LAUNCH Leader: Social Sciences and Humanities (CLN ID#: 111547)

LAUNCH Leader: Business Management, & Commerce (CLN ID#: 111542)

LAUNCH Leader: Science, Math, & Computational Science (CLN ID#: 111546)

LAUNCH is an amazing experience to not only earn a course credit, but to also have real-life experience in facilitating weekly sessions for your own new to UTM student class! If you love teaching curriculum and mentoring new to UTM students, then this position is for you!

Fall Internships

Paid Positions *Closed*

Program Assistant: Transition Programs (CLN ID#: 111540)

Helping students transition is a big job - LAUNCH, our co-curricular mentorship programs, are as strong as they are because of the committed team behind the scenes. Come and join our team as the Program Assistant, Transition Programs if you have a passion for program administration and for student development! This position will give you experience in supervising students, event planning & promotion, and more! 

Orientation and Outreach Team Leader (CLN ID#: 111533)

This opportunity is a fantastic way to gain professional experience in project-management through the organization and implementation of projects such as O-Week, CSE outreach, and communications and marketing. You will also act as a mentor for a team of Orientation and Outreach Ambassadors! If you love being creative, have an attention to detail and like variety in your role, then this position is for you!

Program Assistant, Academic Initiatives (CLN ID#: 111555)

This opportunity provides students with a chance to experience the academic aspects of program planning, curriculum development, and event-planning for large campus events. The Centre for Student Engagement also offers programs focused on academic success like utmONE and utm Scholars courses. If you are interested in learning about implementing academic transition support or want to get involved in project-management for large campus events such as Exam Jam, this opportunity is for you!

Research Assistant (CLN ID#: 111792)

Higher education is a field driven by research, whether that be research into best practises, program assessment, student development theory, etc. If you are an analytical person with a knack for noticing patterns or are interested in developing as a researcher, we need your support. Apply to be a Research Assistant with the Centre for Student Engagement today! In this role, you will support the research of our professional staff, providing key insights and skills that can have lasting impacts on our programming and our students.  

*Applicants for the Research Assistant position will be asked to provide a reference letter from a UTM staff or faculty member demonstrating research skills or experience during their interview. 

Program Assistant, Special Projects

At the Centre for Student Engagement, our culture is built on using best practices to support students. This often means creating innovative new programs and initiatives! This year, we will be officially launching Guardians of UTM, expanding Emerge, and releasing the UTM Time Tracker. If project management, marketing, event planning, and delivering excellence to students excite you, apply to be a Program Assistant, Special Projects and help make these a success! 

Academic Coaching Mentor

If you are looking for a paid mentorship opportunity where you can have a meaningful impact on students' academics, the Academic Coaching Program is for you! As an Academic Coaching Mentor, you will be able to share your wealth of experiences and contribute to students finding their success in the classroom and beyond. If you are a past completer of the program, we especially encourage you to apply!