Exam Jam

Exam Jam. Banner. Two students solving a chemistry problem on a blackboard.

Experience a day full of academic review and fun at Exam Jam! Attend course-specific instructor-led sessions, general exam preparation workshops, writing consultations, and Facilitated Study Groups. Between your review and study sessions, participate in a variety of exciting wellness activities, such as playing with therapy dogs, crafts, board games, fitness and more, as you enjoy free healthy snacks, music, and an amazing atmosphere of UTM coming together for a vibrant all-campus event.

This UTM-wide event continues to grow each year, making it one of the largest annual events for UTM students. Each Exam Jam, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs join efforts to support you during this stressful time of year. 96% of surveyed participants would recommend ExamJam to a friend, while 97% of surveyed participating instructors feel the event helps prepare students for exams.

In students' own words:

It was different and relaxing and a great change from
studying alone at home. The review session for my course was really good.

I loved knowing that there are people
who care about my wellbeing.


Exam Jam. A collage of photos showing students engaging in activities, including puzzle-making and solving homework problems. Quick facts are displayed. At Exam jam April 2018, there were 88 courses and 15 departments represented, 27 de-stress stations and 2082 students.

2018-2019 Exam Jam Dates

FAll Exam Jam: Thursday, December 6

SPRING Exam Jam: Saturday, April 6

Earn a CCR Notation

Students who participate in Exam Jam are eligible to receive a CCR notation. 

To receive the CCR, Students must attend a minimum of one (1) academic session (including sessions run by the RGASC) and one (1) wellness station, and complete an on-site reflection exercise. 

Exam Jam Inquiries

For all questions or more information and updates about UTM Exam Jam, send us an email or visit us in the Davis Building. 

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