Academic Department Sessions

Academic Department Orientation

Academic Department Orientations are designed to welcome you to your departments and programs and make you feel at home and at ease from day one of your studies. Attend your ADO to learn about important support resources that are vital to your successful transition to university, understand expectations and policies specific to your department/program and academic discipline, and connect with faculty members, staff, and other students at your department(s). Even more importantly, expect to leave your ADO with a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm about your first day, week, and year at UTM!  

Please see below for a breakdown of the Academic Department Orientation session rooms on Monday August 28th between 1:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m

Academic Department: Location:

Humanities (Language Studies, Historical Studies, English and Drama, Philosophy)

DV 2105
Social Sciences (Economics, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology) CCT1080
Department of Psychology IB 245
Department of Biology IB 345
Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences IB 150
Institute of Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology IB 235
Forensic Science IB 335
Department of Management  IB 110
Department of Mathematical & Computational Sciences IB 120
Department of Visual Studies IB 140
Sociology IB 270