Guardians of UTM

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Did you know...

UTM has a game! Last October, the class of 2020 were the first to play Guardians of UTM, our university's first mobile game! This year, it's your turn!

Somebody is leaking UTM's secrets, and the Guardians need your help! Investigate people (and... animals?) from across campus to gather clues that will lead you to the culprit. Join the Guardians cast to:

  • Create your own avatar and explore the virtual UTM campus
  • Solve puzzles and inch closer to unraveling the mystery
  • Learn about the campus and its resources
  • Interact with familiar characters like the UTM Eagle and the Blind Duck
  • Become immersed in a witty, charming quest to save UTM!

How can I join?
Guardians of UTM was released to new-to-UTM students at O-Week in late August. The game is playable on iOS and Android devices, available at the link below. Prospective players will need their UTORid to download the game.


Where can I see more about Guardians of UTM?
You can read more about the development of the game in our feature articles on our In the News page!

Guardians Rescue Mission

Guardians Rescue Mission Challenge Graphic

Join us through a 2-hour Amazing-Race-style set of activities, discover who the mole really is at the Guardians Rescue Mission. Join your in-game team mascot to hunt the down the leak and reveal the true ending of the game!




For all of your questions about Guardians of UTM, send us a call, email or visit us in the Davis Building.