First-Year Blogs

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2017/18 First-Year Blogs

Our 2017-2018 team of first-year bloggers are here to share their experiences as a new UTM student with you! Visit DevonAzalfa, and Shelby, on Wordpress to read all about their UTM experience thus far!

   Devon    Azalfa    Shelby 


Devon: The University Waiting Game: A Multi-Speed Roller Coaster, My September Has Been A Bundle of Mistake Making, Learn How I Got Through!, Off the Beaten Path: What I Discovered on the Outskirts of Campus!

Azalfa: Adjusting to a New Routine: Using My Mantra at UTM, How I Turned 3 of My Biggest Obstacles Into Opportunities, First Things First: My First Midterm

Shelby: Anew Again: How the Leap of Five Helped Me Adapt to Change Thus Far, From Worrier to Warrior: Dealing with Setbacks, Let's Review! Battle of the Birds Varsity Men's Soccer Match


Devon: Let's Review! Guardians of UTM Rescue Mission Event, The Semi-Local-Res-Student's Lament: Visiting Home, Here's What Changed My Horrible Week of Grades Into My Best Asset, Why Going Away During Reading Week is 110% WORTH IT!

Azalfa: 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Reading Week, Let's Review! Biz Mentorship Session #1, Is it Finally Sweater Weather?!, Fashion Police: Fall Into Fall With These 5 Trends, 7 Ways to Creep it Real This Halloween

Shelby: The Budget Brigade: 3 Delightful Ways to Indulge in the Autumn Days, How to 'Reely' Keep the Gears Going During Reading Week, How Failing Helped Me Succeed, Why You Need to Stop Thinking

And don't forget to check out previous years' blogs at Blogs From The Past.