First-Year Blogs

2017/18 First-Year Blogs

Our 2017-2018 team of first-year bloggers are here to share their experiences as a new UTM student with you! Visit DevonAzalfa, and Shelby, on Wordpress to read all about their UTM experience thus far!

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Devon: The University Waiting Game: A Multi-Speed Roller Coaster, My September Has Been A Bundle of Mistake Making, Learn How I Got Through!, Off the Beaten Path: What I Discovered on the Outskirts of Campus!

Azalfa: Adjusting to a New Routine: Using My Mantra at UTM, How I Turned 3 of My Biggest Obstacles Into Opportunities, First Things First: My First Midterm

Shelby: Anew Again: How the Leap of Five Helped Me Adapt to Change Thus Far, From Worrier to Warrior: Dealing with Setbacks, Let's Review! Battle of the Birds Varsity Men's Soccer Match


Devon: Let's Review! Guardians of UTM Rescue Mission Event, The Semi-Local-Res-Student's Lament: Visiting Home, Here's What Changed My Horrible Week of Grades Into My Best Asset, Why Going Away During Reading Week is 110% WORTH IT!

Azalfa: 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Reading Week, Let's Review! Biz Mentorship Session #1, Is it Finally Sweater Weather?!, Fashion Police: Fall Into Fall With These 5 Trends, 7 Ways to Creep it Real This Halloween

Shelby: The Budget Brigade: 3 Delightful Ways to Indulge in the Autumn Days, How to 'Reely' Keep the Gears Going During Reading Week, How Failing Helped Me Succeed, Why You Need to Stop Thinking


Devon: It's Time University Students Say "Goodnight" to the Legendary All-Nighter , Work Hard, Play Hard! Ways to Relax on Residence at UTM, Let's Get Artsy! UTM's Enchanted Coffee House Night

Azalfa: Ace That Exam: 5 Power Tips for Studying, Ace That Exam: 10 Songs to Keep You Motivated This Exam Season, University Student's Guide to Surviving Canadian Winters, Let's Review! eXpression Against Opression: Resist-Art

Shelby: How I LAUNCHED My Student Career, Rock Your Day! Tips for Rolling Out of Bed, Let's Review! Glice, Glice, Baby, UTM's Declassified Cold Survival Guide, 5 Paw-some Dogs You Didn't Know You Needed This Week


Devon: Let's Review! Why utmONE was the Ultimate Course to Start my University Career, My Top 5 January Jams to Power Through the Day!

Azalfa: First-Year Essentials: L for LAUNCH, What I Learned From my First Semester of University

Shelby: The Budget Brigade: How to Dollar Date Your Textbook, How I Powered Up With Poetry


Devon: Getting Course Help: High School vs. University, Reflecting on my Whirlwing First-Year Journey (So Far)

Azalfa: 10 Things I Love About UTM, Study Break: Let's Talk About Stress Management!, Last Post: And That's All, Folks

Shelby: The Budget Brigade: 3 Easy Minute-Recipes to Make in a Mug

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