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2016/17 First-Year Blogs

Our 2016-2017 team of first-year bloggers are here to share their experiences as a new UTM student with you! Follow Aqsa, Emma, and Janina on Wordpress by clicking on their photos (listed from left-to-right) below!

A photo of Aqsa Alam, one of the three first-year bloggers for the 2016-2017 academic year.

A photo of Emma Koenig, one of the three first-year bloggers for the 2016-2017 academic year.

A photo of Janina Malapitan, one of the three first-year bloggers for the 2016-2017 academic year.


Aqsa: What do you Mean, Summer’s Over? 3 Ways to Prepare for University
Emma: 3 Lessons from My First 3 Weeks of University
Janina: My University Limbo: Becoming Myself


Aqsa:  Tea Time is Me TimeDaily De-Stresser Review Series: Over the Garden Wall
Emma: 7 Tips for Surviving a University Paper4 Ways That UTM Students Totally Prove That We’re All in This Together
Janina: Discover my Secret to Commuting That Makes Every Trip Exciting…UTM Recap #1: The Good and Not-So-Good StuffMy First Fall Reading Week Was Everything I Hoped For, Here’s Why…HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?Sundays with The Medium


Aqsa: Hate Studying? Personalize it!Poet’s Corner: “This Bird”The Cruel Beauty of Winter; Daily De-Stresser Review Series: Mob Psycho 100
Emma: How One Letter Changed My Entire DayWhich UTM Building Are You Most Like?The H.M.S Anxiety3 Ways to Increase Your Free Time, or at Least Make It Feel That Way…7 Proofreading Hacks For Essay Success!Dear America: What Happened?
Janina: FIGHT THE FEES: National Day of ActionPost-Election Reflection“A Little Life”: A Torturous Novel You Won’t be Able to Put DownUTM Hidden Gem: Course Reserves (!!!)


Aqsa: “Is _____ a Bird Course?” Part 1: What Exactly Is a Bird Course?“Is _____ a Bird Course?” Part 2: How ‘Easy Courses’ May Be Hurting You“Is _____ a Bird Course?” Part 3: How to Pick the Right Course“I’m spending too much!” Apparently, not.
Emma: Quiz Yourself! What’s Your Ideal UTM Study Space?Can The Procrastination Problem Be Solved?The Must-See Musical For Your Winter BreakExam Time Do’s and Don’tsThe Winter Break and Ways to Spend The Final Days of 2016!
Janina: Here’s Why Every University Student Should Have A Morning RoutineWhy I Journal…


Aqsa: “Learning to Fail”: How An Odd Paradox Can Help You Succeed“Learning to Fail” Story 1: PerseveranceNew Year, Old Me, with Determination and a Card Tower…How to Write A”Truck-Stop Burrito” Written Piece and Ace Your Midterm Essay
Emma: Canadian Politics: Less Racist Is Not a High Enough Standard (Part 1/2)Canadian Politics: Less Racist Is Not a High Enough Standard (Part 2/2)Four Books for Your Next 4 Months of SchoolWant to Write Better Essays? Take Philosophy
Janina: New Year Series Part 1: Becoming a MinimalistNew Year Series Part 2: Living in the PresentUTM Recap #2: My first university term is over!!!6 Ways to Get Organized for the New YearWhy Taking a utmONE Course Was One of the Best Choices I’ve Made in University


Aqsa: How UTM’s Nature Trail Improved My Uni ExperienceOne Thing You Shouldn’t Do on Your Commute.Enough Small Talk! How to Make Real Friendships While at UTM
Emma: 5 Tips for More Efficient and Effective Note-TakingLove True Crime Stories? This Podcast Is for You!3Tips for Keeping Your Commuter Sanity
Janina: New Year Series Part 3: Overcoming FailureWant to make your study breaks more fun? Try Le Cinema ClubNo Ban! No Wall! Justice For All!

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