Dear Parents Newsletter: September Edition

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Thank you for partnering with us in your students’ success through their university experience. We recognize that you may have questions along the way as your student continues through their journey at UTM so we are providing you with this resource exclusively for parents and families.

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In the first issue...

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Thank you for joining your student on their journey through the first year at UTM. To help empower you to support and guide your student, we invite you to join us as we take a trip through the university cycle with your students. Along the road, we will provide some common roadblocks and detours that the average student encounters along the way.

During the month of September, your students are finding their way through their classes and navigating the new environment. Along with manoeuvring through these new experiences, first-year students will also have new freedom and boundaries to balance. They are also meeting new people, and building friendships with their classmates and peers at UTM.

In October, they will begin to prepare for their midterm exams and assignments. Financial stress is common for students at this point as they have purchased textbooks and supplies, and may be spending a lot of funds on socializing or take-away food. Additionally, during October, midterm exam and assignment marks are returned to students. Often these are the first marks that your student is receiving and they are often lower than anticipated. In high school a student may have earned A+ in their coursework, and be surprised to receive a C or D. The expectations for a university student are different than for high school students.

As supporters, there are many things that you can do to help encourage your student to make the most of their experience. Start by scheduling a weekly or daily check-in time. During your check-in, ask your students some of the following questions:

  • How are your instructors?
  • Have you been to see your professors and/or instructors during their office hours?
  • When are the add and/or drop dates for courses?
  • Are you using an agenda to keep track of assignments and readings?
  • Are you checking your University of Toronto email often?
  • How are your midterm exams and assignments going?
  • How are you managing your money?

If your student lives in residence, some questions to ask could include:

  • How do you enjoy living on campus?
  • Are you and your roommate getting along?

If your student is commuting to campus, other questions you could ask:

  • How is your daily commute?
  • Are you able to use your time in transit (e.g. reading on the bus)?
  • How do you use your time on campus?

These common experiences and check-in strategies can help you and your student to keep on track with important details, deadlines, and keep communication open during the year. To be helpful, encourage your student to be independent, problem-solve, and learn from their mistakes as they share information with you. For more information on how to communicate with your student, attend the upcoming workshop just for parents and families on, “Communicating with Your Student.” More information is provided in our section “Parent & Family Workshops” below.

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This is an exciting time for both you and your student as they transition into their university experience. Your student will experience some challenges during this process, and you will want to provide them with just the right amount of support. Communication is an essential part of supporting their transition. 

In this free session, learn about best practices for communicating with your student during their first year at university. We'll discuss some of the top communications strategies, how to ask the tough questions, and how to provide them with enough support to succeed. Student Housing and Residence Life staff will be available to provide specific information for families of residence students, and the Office of Student Transition staff will provide specific information for the families of commuter students. 

Communicating with Your Student
Thursday, October 5, 2017
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Faculty Club, Davis Building Room 3141

In addition to the session, you are welcome to come and visit the beautiful UTM Campus, meet with student service representatives, and converse with other UTM families. Light refreshments will be served, free of charge!

Register now at

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As students begin their classes in the Fall 2017 term, there will be many things to learn other than course material - taking good notes, time management, research skills, making connections on campus, getting involved - it can get complicated. The Office of Student Transition would like to highlight two opportunities for students to get ongoing support during their first year:


utmONE is UTM’s first-year academic transition course. It supports the building of new academic skills, increases students’ knowledge of campus resources, and promotes new relationships, including friendships with peers and connections with staff and faculty. utmONE is a for-credit course, meaning students will earn 0.5 credits towards their degree upon successful completion of the utmONE program.

Registration for utmONE occurs through the student registration tool ACORN. The course codes are below.

utmONE options (for-credit):

  • utm114H5 Technology and Innovation: Historical, Social and Economic Perspectives  (SSc, EXP)
  • utm115H5 Communication Among Cultures  (HUM, SSc, EXP)
  • utm116H5 Happiness (SSc, EXP)
  • utm117H5 Individualism, The Development Of An Idea  (HUM, SSc, EXP)
  • utm118H5 Science of Learning  (SCI, SSc, EXP)

Registration for utmONE began on Thursday, July 6, 2017. Space is limited, so encourage your student to enrol in their preferred utmONE course on ACORN.

If you have any questions regarding the utmONE program, please contact Jessica Silver, Student Transition Manager, at or call (905) 828-4626. 


LAUNCH takes place in the Fall term and brings together the academic and community-building aspects of being a new UTM student. LAUNCH is a series of engaging and interactive weekly sessions, taught by upper-year student mentors enrolled in your student’s academic discipline. The program is not for-credit, so there are no assignments, homework, or tests! Instead, your student will meet friends, learn about campus resources and how to use them, and develop their academic skills to help them succeed.

Registration for LAUNCH occurs through the student registration tool ACORN. The course codes are below.

LAUNCH options (not for-credit):

  • utm101H5 LAUNCH: Business, Commerce and Management
  • utm102H5 LAUNCH: Science, Mathematics and Psychology
  • utm103H5 LAUNCH: Humanities and Social Sciences

Registration for LAUNCH began on Thursday, July 6, 2017. Again, space is limited, so encourage your student to enrol in their preferred LAUNCH course on ACORN.

If you have any questions regarding the LAUNCH program, please contact Laura Walkling, Student Success Coordinator, Transition Programs, at or call (905) 828-3957. 

Important Dates Banner

September 4, 2017
Labour Day. University closed.

September 4, 2017
Deadline to cancel registration (withdraw from ALL courses) with no minimum academic fee charge.

September 5, 2017
Classes begin, F & Y courses.

September 18, 2017
Course waiting lists close, F & Y courses.

September 18, 2017
Last day to add or change a section in an F or Y course on ACORN.

September 18, 2017
For students paying course fees: Last day to drop (cancel) F and/or Y courses on ACORN and receive 100% course fee refund, as long as you are still registered in other courses for this session.

September 18, 2017
For students paying deregulated program fee: Last day to cancel all courses and receive 100% program fee refund, minus the minimum charge.

September 25, 2017
For students paying course fees: Last day to drop an F course and receive a 75% course fee refund

September 30, 2017
Deadline to pay fees for Fall term to avoid service charges (if you have been deferred due to loan or were registered by paying at least the minimum payment). Note: Service charges are different for students who have been deferred due to a scholarship/award or receive tuition waiver.

For more important dates and deadlines, visit the Office of the Registrar's Website.

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ACORN (Acronym for Accessible Campus Online Resource Network)
When speaking with your student, you may hear them refer to ACORN, the University of Toronto’s onlinestudent registration and administration system. It is the critical link between students and the university for most transactions. Students will use ACORN to, access grades, add/drop courses, pay fees using a credit card, view exam timetables, vote in student elections, and more!

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In the theme of new beginnings, let’s take a trip back to 1967 when UTM first established its presence on the university scene. Our lovely campus was not always referred to as the University of Toronto Mississauga (or more fondly, UTM). In these early days, we went by the name of Erindale College. Starting with only 155 students and one academic building, you can say we’ve grown a lot since then! Although we officially changed our name in 2002, you can still find references to Erindale on the signage in the Davis building if you look closely!


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