Time Tracker Pilot

Time tracker screenshot. Includes the top half of the screen of the time tracker tool, a high-functioning calendar with academic and healthy university lifestyle support

What is the UTM Time Tracker?

The Time Tracker is an online time management tool designed to support your academic success by encouraging a high level of awareness in terms of time usage and prioritization of goals. When the Time Tracker is released, you'll be able to access it from the web browser. 

Embedded within the tool are various components that support your understanding of academic expectations, specifically as it relates to time management, and provides you with a guide for optimize your time management according to best practices supported by research.


  • Map out your assignments, study time, and tests, categorized for each course
  • Receive direction on the necessary steps and recommended time to complete each item, including preparing an outline, reviewing your draft, looking for references, and more
  • Stay accountable by including your wellness and co-curricular activities in your schedule
  • Use the embedded assignment calculator, mark calculator, and personalized weekly reports to stay on top of your university experience
  • Import your course schedule from ACORN and your calendar from iOS, GoogleCalendar, and more

Time Tracker Testing Group 2017-18

We are currently forming a student Testing Group to help us finalize the Time Tracker and prepare it for its official release. The group will be expected to meet repeatedly during the 2017-18 academic year to provide regular user feedback and help optimize the tool. If you are interested in this project and would like to get involved in the development of this innovative educational technology, please contact our office at transition.utm@utoronto.ca or call (905) 569-4282.