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Re-energize yourself and let a new you Emerge this reading week!

Emerge@UTM 2016 Programming

Use the first ever Fall Reading Week to Emerge@UTM! Discover yourself, become closer to your UTM and Mississauga communities, and find the support that you need to empower and enrich your university experience!

There are three categories of programming, and events may cover many aspects of each:

More information about the events is listed below. Register now!*

*Event registration is separate for each event. Please navigate to the specified webpage for the event, or register in-person where applicable.

Emerge at UTM Schedule. Read below for more information


RAWC Fitness Programming

Swimming | Zumba | Meditation | Drop-In Volleyball & Badminton | Yogilates | AND MORE

When? - Tue.-Fri. 7AM-8PM (see schedule for class specific times)

How do I join? - Drop-In at the RAWC 

The RAWC will be open all week and providing a full schedule of programming. This is a great opportunity to try a class you have been meaning to try! 

Academics and Career Support

Time for a Check-Up with the Office of the Registrar!

When? - Tue.-Thurs. 9AM-4PM, & Fri. 9AM-1:30PM

How do I join? - Go to the Office of the Registrar in the Innovation Complex

This is a good time for you to check if you are on track to graduate on time and on budget. Come to the Office of the Registrar to meet one-on-one with an Academic Advisor and Financial Aid Advisor.  Our office hours are 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Thursday and 9 am to 1:30 pm on Friday.

Writing Retreats

When & Where? - Three opportunities:

Tues. 12-2PM in IB240
Thurs. 11AM-1PM in IB240
Fri. 2-4PM in IB220

How do I join? - Drop-in! More info at uoft.me/rgasc

Writing can be tough, lonely work. Sometimes we need help when we’re writing; sometimes it’s just easier to be creative and inspired when you have other people around. If you are currently working on a piece of writing and looking for a place where you can work on it and get help when you need it, you should consider coming to the RGASC’s Writing Retreats this Fall Reading Week.
At these Retreats, experienced Writing Instructors will be working on their own writing projects, but they’ll also be available to help out with your writing in progress, whether that involves informal group instruction or one-on-one assistance. You can bring your questions, or bring your writing; you can stay for a couple of hours or just drop by for a few minutes. Either way, these Retreats will give you an opportunity to get some writing done. 

Instructors: Tyler Evans-Tokaryk and Michael Kaler

Career Exploration Part Two

When & Where? - Tues. 2-4PM in DV3130

How do I join? - Register on the Career Learning Network (CLN)

Attending Career Exploration Part 2 will allow you to participate in the three career exploration programs at U of T*, and it will give you all the information you need to know about how to do this.  It  will also help you to do effective career exploration on your own.
Learning about different careers will help you make great decisions! 

In order to register for this session, please complete our online module Career Exploration 101 (it takes about 15 minutes; you'll find it at http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/careers/career-planning/career-exploration).  You will then be able to register for this session of Career Exploration Part Two.

*The three career exploration programs offered at U of T are:

  • Extern - a job shadowing program where individual students are placed with industry professional for a short period
  • In the Field - group site visits to various organizations
  • Informational Interview Database - industry professionals willing to meet with students to discuss careers

First-Year Business Bonanza

When & Where? - Tues. 2:30-5PM in DV Faculty Club (DV3141)

How do I join? - Register online at the PSDP website

First Year Business Bonanza is great way to begin networking with other students in Commerce and Management. All first-year students are encouraged to attend as we will be discussing study tips (as per your classes), providing advice about ways to get involved in the UTM community, and playing games! Be sure to register on PSDP website and bring your enthusiasm as well as your appetite!

Developing Your Thesis and Argument

When & Where? - Tues. 4-5PM in IB240

How do I join? - Drop-in! Learn more at uoft.me/rgasc

Good academic writing is transparent: right from the start, the reader should have a clear understanding of the author’s purpose, argument, and structure. In this workshop, students will first discuss and critique introductions of published articles, and then practice creating introductions and thesis statements.

Instructor: Michael Kaler

Workshops for English Language Learning

When & Where? - Tues. 2-4PM in IB240, & Wed. 12-3PM in IB210

How do I join? - Drop-in! Learn more at uoft.me/rgasc

Session Date Description
Grammar Bootcamp Tuesday 2-3PM If English isn’t your first language, get your Grammar in top form by attending this boot camp session. From articles to parallelism, use this workshop to figure out where you are going wrong and how to fix it. 
Critical Reading Skills Tuesday 3-4PM Is that textbook weighing you down? Are you struggling to keep up with all the required readings? If this is the case, come learn how to read critically and effectively at this skills session. We’re talking about reading strategies and how you can make them work for you!
Sentence Structure:
The Basics

Wednesday 12-1PM

Do you make sentences that run on forever? Does your main point get lost among random phrasing? In an attempt to improve your writing skills, this workshop breaks down sentences into manageable parts: the subject, the verb and the object, before offering tips on how to organize these components into a really effective clause.
Effective Note Taking Wednesday 1-2PM Note taking requires practice and oftentimes it can be difficult to figure out what’s important and what’s not. Knowing what to do with these notes once they have been written can add more challenges. This session reviews a variety ofnotetaking strategies so you can make sure you are using the one that works best for you!
Time Management and
Study Habits
Wednesday 2-3PM You told yourself you’d be well organized this year, but it’s reading week and already your study habits are going downhill. Sound familiar? Get back on track with this workshop outlining tips and tricks to effectively manage your time. Stop Procrastinating!

Learn to Network

When & Where? - Tues. 3-4PM in DV3130

How do I join? - Register on the Career Learning Network (CLN)

Discover proven techniques to introduce yourself to potential networking contacts and industry professionals. Learn to confidently manage yourself in business and social settings and leave a positive lasting impression.

Attending this workshop will qualify you for any Networking Events held in the next two years.

Research Club

When & Where? - Tues. & Wed. 12-1PM in Library Classroom A, room 185 in the Library

How do I join? - Register in the Library at the Reference & Research Desk or drop in to the Library classroom A (lower level)

Did you know there is a link between academic achievement and using your Library resources?

Join us in the Library and hang out with a Librarian to discover new resources, strategies, and tools that could improve your grades!
Grab a friend, bring your course assignments and work one on one with our Library team. Discover a new world of information!

Community Building


When & Where? - Tues.-Thurs. 9AM-11AM in the LAUNCH room. Choose any or all of the four 2-hour sessions, offered daily!

How do I join? - Register in room DV A2122 (Located in the Meeting Place right beside the Subway). You can also register and read detailed session descriptions at the following link: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/transition/re-launch-registration 

Re-LAUNCH into your new-student experience by catching up on LAUNCH! LAUNCH sessions are run by academically successful upper-year mentors and look to help you build academic skills and connect you with resources, all while fostering a close-knit community among your cohort. This is your opportunity to make friends and learn what you might have missed in the first few weeks of classes, in addition to what you'll need moving forward to ensure your success at UTM. If you are already registered for LAUNCH and would like to catch-up on the sessions you have missed, you are welcome to join in as well! Register today for any of the sessions listed below:

Session Date
You@UTM Tues.-Thurs. 9AM-11AM
Activate Your Thinking:
Building Mindset and Learning Strategies
Tues.-Thurs. 11AM-1PM
UTM Behind the Scenes Tues.-Thurs. 1PM-3PM
Ready, Set, PLAN!:
Time Management and Effective Study Strategies
Tues.-Thurs. 3PM-5PM

MoveU TriCampus Field Trip - Hart House Farm

When & Where? - Thurs. 10:15AM-4:30PM. Meet at RAWC at 10:15AM

How do I join? - Register at RAWC, or visit recreg.utoronto.ca (search barcode #43137). The event costs $20 for UofT students from all campuses

Escape the city, take in the fall colours and relax! 
Enjoy a fun-filled day of: 
Hiking | Sports | Apple Cider Pressing & Tasting | BBQ lunch | Jam Sessions

IEC Goes to the ROM

When & Where? - Tues. 10AM-4PM. Meet at the UTM Shuttle Bus (leaves from IB)

How do I join? - Register at the IEC website. The event is FREE with a valid T-Card

Join the IEC for a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Experience art, world culture, and natural history among the displays of dinosaurs, gems, and mummies!

IEC Goes to the Aquarium

When & Where? - Wed. 10AM-3PM. Meet in front of the Davis Building by the flagpole

How do I join? - Register in-person at the IEC (DV2071). The event costs $20, including round-trip transportation. More information is available on the IEC website

Join the IEC for a trip to Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. See more than 16,000 aquatic animals, enter an underwater viewing tunnel, and ge tup close with over 100 interactive displays!


When & Where? - Date and time will be announced on the Guardians webpage

How do I join? - New-to-UTM Students: Come to DV2090 by Oct.7 to get your access code for the game, and to become eligible for the in-person event

Solve puzzles, explore UTM, and unravel the mystery in Guardians of UTM: UTM's first gaming app! It all comes to a head in this Amazing Race-style series of activities. Can you save UTM's secrets identify the leak? Play Guardians of UTM now, and we hope to see you there!

Volunteerism and Leadership

Leadership Bootcamp

When & Where? - Tues.-Thurs. 1PM-4PM. Located in DH2010 to start

How do I join? - Register on the Centre for Student Engagement website

How can you be a more successful leader? Research shows that the people who are gritty and are resilient are more successful in life. During our Leadership Bootcamp you will learn to build your grit! Enhance your ability to overcome difficulties. Everyone faces obstacles, but not everyone succumbs to them. 

The Centre for Student Engagement is excited to bring this opportunity based on the book Grit by Angela Duckworth to UTM. The three day leadership bootcamp will help you: 

  • Discover your strengths
  • Gain resiliency training
  • Develop mental toughness
  • Make new friends

Habitat Build

When? - Fri. 9AM-5PM. Meet in DV2080

How do I join? - Register online at uoft.me/HabitatOct14

Habitat for Humanity Canada works with over 300 communities across Canada. They select and prepare families for homeownership, manage the construction of Habitat homes, and hold partner family mortgages. On October 14th from 9:00am-5:00pm, The Centre for Student Engagement will be participating in a Habitat build off campus. This amazing opportunity will allow you to work with fellow UTM students to help construct a home in one day! 

This program is Co-Curricular Record Approved so make sure you sign up today: uoft.me/HabitatOct14

Indigenous Experiential Journey

When? - Fri. 9AM-5PM. Meet in DV2080

How do I join? - Registration is now closed

The Indigenous Experiential Journey is an opportunity for University of Toronto students to connect with an Indigenous Community on traditional teaching land with the aim or providing participants with direct, meaningful opportunities for cultural exchange and dialogue with First Nations peoples. The Indigenous Experiential Journey will be off campus - where we will travel approximately two hours from the UTM Campus (north of Peterborough and near the Curve Lake First Nations Reserve). 

Mentorship Foundations

When? - Thurs. 10AM-4:15PM in DV 3093

How do I join? - Register at the event page

PEER MENTORS: Are you interested in enhancing your mentorship skills? Mentorship Foundations is a series of three modules aimed at skills-building and professional development. Modules include Mentoring 101, Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment and Mentoring Conversations.

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