Meet Our Student Leaders



As part of a larger social media student outreach campaign, three first-year students are hired each year to blog about life as a new UTM student. Through this virtual connection, new students can identify with many of the challenges and encounters shared by their peer bloggers, both normalizing the experiences of being a new student as well as building an online community.

You can check out the first-year blogs here!

Orientation and Outreach Ambassadors

Orientation and Outreach Ambassadors are student volunteers who represent the Office of Student Transition and help create a community atmosphere at UTM through orientation and outreach efforts.

Orientation and Outreach Team Leaders

Orientation and Outreach Team Leaders are upper-year student leaders who assist with the Office of Student Transition's outreach activities, communications (such as social media campaigns & graphic design), and orientation programming. They also act as mentors for the orientation and outreach ambassador team! 


LAUNCH Leaders

LAUNCH Leaders are successful upper-year students who mentor a group of approximately 25-30 new undergraduate students enrolled in the LAUNCH program. They act as a resource to assist and support student transition to university.

LAUNCH Leaders focus on community building, engaging students with similar interests, educating students about campus resources, promoting out-of-classroom student-faculty interactions, and connecting students to existing services on campus.

LAUNCH Team Leaders

The LAUNCH Team Leaders (LTLs) are successful upper-year students whose primary responsibilities include helping transition and welcome incoming students to UTM through outreach to all incoming students, creating an online community for first-year students, responding to student inquiries, assisting with all Office of Student Transition Welcome Events, and continuing to support student transition throughout the first year.

The LTLs are drawn from different programs of study within the four degrees offered: BBA, BCom, HBA, and HBSc, representing the first-year cohort.  

REACH Leaders

REACH Leaders are successful upper-year students who mentor a group of second-year and beyond undergraduate students. REACH Leaders encourage personal and academic skill development, community building, and faculty-student interactions, while applying creative and critical thinking to help students become successful in your upper-years at UTM.


Academic Coaching Mentors

Academic Coaching Mentors (ACMs) are upper-year peer leaders who support new to UTM students who identify as first-generation, transfer, international or mature in developing effective study skills and connecting to UTM community. ACMs help new students cultivate better self-awareness, self-regulation, and goal-setting through small-group academic coaching sessions, one-on-one meetings, and social initiatives.