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Fall 2017

Students as examiners: crowd-sourced exam preparation

Paul Denny, Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland

Seminar, December 6, 2017 @ 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

In many classrooms, students expend significant effort preparing to be examined.  Self-testing, by answering practice questions, is popular with many students and is known to be effective.  However, large repositories of practice questions are not always readily available and can be very time consuming for instructors to create.  So what happens when students generate their own practice questions, targeting the material they are learning, and contribute them to a shared repository where they can be answered, rated and discussed by their peers?  What do students think about this, how useful are the questions in practice and does the activity help students learn?  It turns out there are many interesting answers to these questions.  This talk will introduce the motivation for having students build and moderate their own practice question banks, and will report on some of the practical challenges and measurable benefits, drawing upon data from popular online tools that host millions of student-generated questions.

Paul Denny is a senior lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Auckland.  His interests include developing and evaluating technologies for supporting collaborative learning, particularly involving student-generated resources, and for exploring ways to motivate students to engage within online learning environments.  Paul is a recipient of the National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award (2009) and the Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia Teaching Award (2010).  His visit to the University of Toronto is supported by an Association of Commonwealth Universities Fellowship.

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