Demystifying the Dossier Series: Demonstrating and Capturing Teaching Success


Date: October 25, 2017

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Event Type: Seminar

Location: DH 3075


Presented by: Megan Burnett, Associate Director, Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation, University of Toronto

As part of the Demystifying the Dossier Series, this workshop serves as a pre-‘teaching dossier’ workshop, and is the companion to the Working with Your Course Evaluations session (registration open Fall 2017) and Preparing Your Teaching Dossier session (registration open early 2018). Faculty are welcome to attend one or multiple workshops in the series.

At the University of Toronto, a teaching dossier must be submitted as part of the formal review process for tenure and continuing status. Beyond the information included in an academic CV, a teaching dossier describes and documents an instructor’s teaching expertise and goals and priorities for teaching and learning. It also highlights personal contributions to course and curriculum design efforts in a department or program, evidence of student impact, and evidence of teaching leadership. Given the range of evidence that is possible, and the importance of the narrative that surrounds this evidence, the dossier can be challenging to produce if insufficient time or attention is allotted to the tracking of teaching achievements and the collection of supporting documentation. To build the best case around one’s teaching, a faculty member needs a strategy for identifying and collecting the best possible evidence. This workshop aims to help clarify such a strategy and shed light on the iterative and critically reflective processes needed to gather optimal material for the dossier.

This session offers practical tips on how to produce, document, collect and reflect on the materials necessary for the compilation of an effective teaching dossier, including course evaluation data, teaching support materials, and evidence of professional development and educational leadership. This workshop will not focus on how to draft  the actual dossier, rather, we will examine strategies for ensuring that you are ready to prepare a dossier when the time comes.

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