Traditional Aboriginal Elder

Traditional Aboriginal Elder PhotoCat Criger is an Aboriginal Elder, Traditional Teacher and Mentor from the First Nations People. He is Cayuga (Guyohkohnyoh), Turtle Clan from the Six Nations Haudenosaunee or People of the Longhouse. Cat has been working as a Traditional Teacher and Healer for more than 16 years in the Native and multi-cultural community in Canada, the USA, England and Wales. He was taught in the old way, working for many years with the guidance of an Aniishnawbe Elder (Zaawawagaabo) and other First Nations Elders, and was taught to do traditional ceremonies, teachings, circles, one to one work and to help all people to 'walk in a good way' though life.

He feels privileged to be able to pass on the aboriginal concepts of philosophy, well being, respect and living in balance with all of creation. Sharing these values and teachings helps individuals to deal with life direction, stress, relationships, and personal journeys and to understand why we are 'here'.

Cat has worked as an Elder with numerous government and Aboriginal agencies in Ontario and Canada. He served as an executive member of the board of directors for Anishnaawbe Health Toronto for many years. Presently he holds the position of Traditional Elder for UTM, Traditional Teacher at First Nations House U of T, standing Elder for the Council for Aboriginal Initiatives for the U of T., a member of the Elders council for Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto, one of the elders for Miizwe Biik Aboriginal Training and Employment, Elder with the Peel Aboriginal Network as well as a part of the Native Canadian Centre Toronto's cultural outreach program.

Cat also does guest lecturing in multiple faculties in the U of T, Mount Sinai Hospital, George Brown College, Toronto/Peel District school boards and takes care of the First Nations House traditional medicine garden at Hart House.

In his spare time Cat is a NCCP competitive archery coach, astronomer, artist, hiker, kayaker, participates in extreme sports when possible, is pursing a degree in photography, volunteers at children's day care and enjoys spending time with his family and kittens.

How to book an Advising Meeting

For a One on One meeting with our traditional Aboriginal Elder for advising and guidance, you can contact Cat Criger by e-mail at to schedule an appointment time. He is currently available two days a week at the University of Toronto Mississauga and has an office in the Davis Building. Cat can also be contacted by phone at 1 905 569-4867.