Award Winners

Congratulations to all our 43rd SOUSCC Award Winners (listed below):

Session Prize Name of Award Winner
EDUCATION: FIRST: Connie Tang (University of Toronto)
  BOOK PRIZE:  Amandeep Taank (University of Toronto)
BIOLOGICAL: FIRST: Emily Rodrigues (University of Western Ontario)
  FIRST: Daniel Tarade (University of Windsor)
  SECOND: Sameer Jafar (University of Windsor)
  SECOND: Sarah Hunt (Laurentian University)
ORGANIC: FIRST: Theodora Bruun (University of Toronto)
  SECOND: Lauren Irwin (University of Western Ontario)
  THIRD: Daniel Szulc (University of Toronto)
ANALYTICAL: FIRST: Bach Kim Nguyen (York University)
  SECOND: Seowoo Kim (University of Western Ontario)
  THIRD: Jeffery D. Henderson (University of Western Ontario)
PHYSICAL: FIRST: Andy Tran (McMaster University)
  SECOND: Elisabeth Prince (University of Toronto)
  THIRD: Chris Walters (University of Toronto)
INORGANIC: FIRST: Peter C. Ho (McMaster University)
  SECOND: Ryan Maar (University of Western Ontario)
  THIRD: Chrissie Braun (University of Western Ontario)
POSTERS: FIRST: Victoria Dimakos (University of Toronto)
  SECOND: Nicholas Michel (University of Toronto)
  THIRD: Julian Lamanna (University of Toronto)