Enrolling in Classes

When to Enrol

The first round of enrolment in U of T Mississauga courses is limited to U of T Mississauga students only. Each degree student is provided with a start day and time for course enrolment. This allows a staggered enrolment schedule to spread the system load on ACORN.

Your start date is based on your year of study.  Your year of study is defined by the total number of credits you have earned, or expect to earn, by the end of August 2016. Within each start date, a start time is also assigned which gives priority to students with the greatest number of credits in each “Year of Study.” For example, students in Year of Study 3, with a credit count of 13.5 can expect to enrol at the beginning of the day while those with 9.0 credits will start later in the day.  

Enrolment Start Times & Dates

Year of Study View Start Info First Day of Enrolment
Fourth - at least 14 credits May 16 May 19
Third - 9.0 to 13.5 credits May 30 June 2
Second - 4.0 to 8.5 credits June 13 June 16
First - 0.0 to 3.5 credits July 4 July 7
Non-degree/Visiting N/A Aug. 12

Please note you will not be able to access course registration on ACORN until your start time on the first day of course enrolment for your year of study. Remember, don’t delay. Courses fill up quickly.

Conflicting Courses

In order to succeed, students must fulfill the attendance requirements of each class as set by the professor on the course syllabus. When you are planning your schedule, do not enrol in two or more courses, tutorials or practicals that are held at the same time. Where a student has enrolled in courses held at the same time, no special accommodation will be made (e.g. conflicting tests, lecture material, in-class participation, labs, etc.). 

How to Enrol

  1. Go online to ACORN: www.acorn.utoronto.ca
  2. Login using your UTORID and password.
  3. Go to”Enrol & Manage” and follow the instructions. Use the online calendar and timetable for reference:
              Calendar: www.utm.utoronto.ca/regcal
              Timetable: www.utm.utoronto.ca/timetable

When enrolling in your courses on ACORN, you will need to know the activity code (i.e. ANT101H5), session code (i.e. F, Y or S), meeting section (i.e. LEC) and 4-digit section number (i.e. 0101) to identify your choice(s). If there is a practical or tutorial section assigned to the course, you may be required to add it as well (see the timetable for any special instructions: www.utm.utoronto.ca/timetable).
ACORN does not block/prevent course time conflicts, so plan your schedule carefully. You may not get into all of your first choice courses so you should also note acceptable alternatives for your preferred classes. 

Late Registration

A late fee of $44 plus $5 for each additional weekday will apply to any student who is required to reinstate their registration after being removed from courses for non-payment of fees or for students who enrol in courses for the first time as of:

  • September 1 for Y and/or F courses
  • December 13 for S courses only

The information on this page applies to the Fall/Winter 2016-17 Session only.

Last updated: March 31, 2016