Adding and Cancelling Courses

Cancelling Courses and Fee Implications

If for any reason you decide that you do not want to be enrolled in a particular course, you must drop it as soon as possible. Staying enrolled in a course you do not want could prevent another student from gaining access to that course, and it can cost you money. It may also result in the course remaining on your permanent academic record. Use ACORN to drop a course.

You will be responsible for any fees and academic penalties incurred if you do not cancel courses by the appropriate deadline. Pay close attention to the difference between REFUND deadlines and ACADEMIC deadlines. They are listed in the Important Dates section at the front of this guide. 


An Academic Deadline is the last date to drop a course from your academic record and GPA.

F course November 9
Y course February 21
 S course March 12

Late Withdrawal after the Drop Date (LWD)

After the above dates, and up until the last day of classes, students may apply online ( for Late Withdrawal after the Drop Date (LWD).

Cancelling Your Registration for the Fall-Winter Session

Should you decide to cancel all of your courses in the Fall-Winter Session, ACORN will inform you that this is your last course in the session and ask if you would like to cancel your registration. If you are sure that you do not intend to enrol in other courses in fall or winter of the 2016-17 session, cancel your registration. Cancelling your registration will trigger a refund of incidental fees if you do so within the time frames shown at Note that cancelling your registration affects only the current 2016-17 session and does not impact your ongoing status as a U of T Mississauga student. To return as a student after being away for 12 months, please see “Reactivation of Student Record” in the Academic Calendar.

Maximum/Normal Course Load 

The maximum number of credits that can be taken in the Fall-Winter Session is 6.0 (with a maximum of 3.0 credits per academic term.) A normal and recommended course load for the Fall-Winter Session is 5.0 credits, which will allow students to complete a 20-credit undergraduate degree in four years. (Some students choose to take 4.0 credits in the Fall-Winter Session and 1.0 credit during the Summer Session.)

During the first enrolment period for the Fall/Winter Session, students are able to enrol in 5.0 credits. During the second enrolment period, students will be able to add an additional 1.0 credit for a total of 6.0 credits. Note that the weight of waitlisted courses count in the total number of credits that students are allowed to enrol in. 

To take more than 6.0 credits (or 3.0 credits per term) in the Fall/Winter session, students must submit an online course overload petition ( and receive approval prior to registration and no later than the first day of classes. The Office of the Registrar will make every effort to consult with students at risk of being removed from courses. Students enrolled in more than the maximum course load without prior petition approval, may have the last course(s) that they were enrolled in removed from their course load for that term.

Students who have a minimum CGPA of 1.85 and who may be eligible to graduate in June 2017 will be considered for a course overload. Consideration may be given to those students with a minimum CGPA of 2.70 with mitigating reasons for requiring a course overload. Students will not receive special consideration of any kind because of a course overload. To calculate course loads, students need to consult the course timetable,, to determine when the course is offered and the duration of the course.

Last Date to Add a Course or Section

The last date to add an F or Y course or change a section in an F or Y course using ACORN is September 19, and January 15 for an S course. 

The last day to enrol is also the last day to cancel a course and receive 100% refund of related course fees.  

Waiting lists end on the same day and ACORN will continue to attempt to move students into spaces that become available until the end of that day. If you change your mind about enrolling in a given course, be sure to cancel the course promptly. Students are responsible for all academic and ancillary course fees related to the courses that they are enrolled in.  Following the last day to enrol, petitions for late enrolment will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.

The information on this page applies to the Fall/Winter 2016-17 Session only.

Last updated: March 31, 2016