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OSAP for Summer 2016

  • If you received OSAP at U of T during the 2015 Fall or 2016 Winter, complete this form to apply for Summer OSAP. Hard copies of the form are available at the Office of the Registrar. Do not apply using the online application on the OSAP website.
  • If you did NOT receive OSAP funds at U of T during the 2015 Fall or 2016 Winter Session, your summer study period must be at least 12 weeks in length (May to August) to be considered for OSAP. Apply only using the 2015-2016 online OSAP application.
  • Submit any required documents to: UTM Office of the Registrar, Innovation Complex, Room 1235

Summer 2016 OSAP Application Deadlines

  • March 31: Deadline (recommended) to help avoid funding delays and have early access to requesting a Summer Tuition Fee Deferral on ACORN. OSAP applications are processed in the order received.
  • June 20: Final deadline to apply using the OSAP website, for students who did not receive OSAP during the 2015 Fall or 2016 Winter terms
  • May 13: Final deadline to apply using paper form for May to June studies
  • July 8: Final deadline to apply using paper form for May to August or June to August studies

Direct Deposit option on ACORN!

Add banking info in your SWS account to authorize the University to deposit ACORN student account credit balance refund payments and/or financial aid, scholarship and award refund payments directly to your Canadian bank account.

A demo of how to do this is available on ACORN at

Graduating student?

Click here to view a short video about student loan debt repayment.

Ontario Tuition Grant

You could be eligible to receive 30% off your tuition this semester through an Ontario government grant. Find out more here.

Got A Question? Check Out Financial FAQs

Financial Aid & Scholarship now offers an online FAQ service for quick answers to your financial aid questions. Check out Financial Aid FAQs here.