Course Enrolment

Course Enrolment

  • Course enrolment at UTM is done online through ACORN
  • For a detailed overview of the course enrolment process including the topics below, view our Registration Guides.
    • How to know which courses to take
    • Space in courses
    • Waiting lists
    • Enrolment controls
    • Understanding course codes
    • Course prerequisites, corequisites, and exclusions
    • How to handle course conflicts
    • Courses taken at other universities
    • Letters of Permission
    • Courses at other U of T campuses
    • Independent study courses and the Research Opportunity Program (ROP)
    • When and how to enrol in courses on ACORN
    • Cancelling ("dropping") and adding courses

What is ACORN?

ACORN is used by all University of Toronto students. You will use it to enrol in courses, view your transcript and final grades, review your financial invoice, update your contact information (address, email, bank information, emergency contact information), and much more! 

To login to ACORN, please use your JOINid/UTORid and password. New students can use their JOINid to use ACORN, and will receive instructions on how to activiate their UTORid at the TCard Office once they have their photo taken for their student card. 

Returning Students or Alumni 

If you have forgotten your UTORid or password, please visit for online self-service support. You may also visit the Office of the Registrar for assistance from our staff.

Alumni who were not issued a UTORid during their former studies can use ROSI to request transcripts and reset their PIN. If you plan to return to your studies at U of T, and were not previously issued a UTORid, please activate and manage your UTORid with the support of our TCard Office

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