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Summer 2017 - 2nd Term


Intro. to Developmental Psychology

M. Paquette-Smith
PSY270H5 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology C. Burton


Forensic Psychology

D. Urbszat

PSY372H5 Human Memory J.Zimmerman                                       

 PSY393H5  Human Neuropsychology                    E.Jeffay

Summer 2017 - 1st Term


Introductory Psychology

D. Urbszat
PSY220H5 Introduction to Social Psychology S. Walker


Introduction to Physiological Psychology

B. Beston

PSY311H5 Social Development S.Kamenetsky
PSY333H5 Health Psychology J.Andersen
PSY340H5 Abnormal Psychology H. Morgan

Spring 2017


Introductory Psychology

D. Urbszat
PSY202H5 Research Design and Analysis in Psychology I G. Schellenberg


Introduction to Developmental Psychology


PSY220H5 Introduction to Social Psychology D. Urbszat
PSY240H5 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology S.Walker
PSY270H5 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology K. Fukuda
PSY274H5 Introduction to Psychology of Human Communication C. Chambers
PSY290H5 Introduction to Physiological Psychology B. Beston    
PSY310H5 Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood S. Walker
PSY311H5 Cognitive Development S. Kamenetsky
PSY313H5 Adult Development and Aging K. Pichora-Fuller
PSY319H5 Developmental Psychology Laboratory M. Paquette-Smith
PSY321H5 Cross-cultural Psychology D. VanderLaan
PSY324H5 Psychology of the Self U. Schimmack  



Psychology of the Self

Interpersonal Relationships

S. Walker

S. Walker

PSY328H5 Psychology and the Law D. Urbszat
PSY329H5 Social/Personality Laboratory N. Farb
PSY333H5 Health Psychology J.Andersen
PSY340H5 Abnormal Psychology: Adult Disorders H. Morgan
PSY341H5 Abnormal Psychology: Disorders of Children and Adolescents M. Aitken  
PSY343H5 Theories of Psychotherapy E.Carlson
PSY351H5 Evolutionary Psychology M. Holmes
PSY352H5 Animal Behaviour R. Gerlai
PSY353H5 Social Neuroscience M.Holmes
PSY354H5 The Biopsychology of Sex B. Beston
PSY362H5 Animal Cognition L. Martin
PSY393H5 Human Neuropsychology E.Jeffay
PSY398H5 Motivational Systems T. Pollock
PSY399H5 Psychobiology Laboratory A. Monks
PSY430H5 Special Topics in Personality U. Schimmack
PSY442Y5 Practicum in Exceptionality in Human Learning S. Kamenetsky
PSY480H5 Special Topics in Perceptions B. Beston