Human Communication (HC)


Members of the Human Communication cluster study the perceptual and cognitive mechanisms underlying communicative behaviours across the human lifespan. Specific research topics include language, music, vision, reading, and audition. Psychology faculty and graduate students in this area are core members of the UTM Human Communication Laboratory (HCL). The HCL is a state-of-the-art facility supporting an interdisciplinary team of investigators from various academic departments.

Faculty Members

Chambers, Craig
cognitive science; psycholinguistics; language acquisition; spoken language comprehension

Daneman, Meredyth
cognitive psychology; reading and language comprehension skills; working memory capacity and its role in accounting for individual differences in verbal intelligence; sensory and cognitive aging

Johnson, Elizabeth
infant studies; language acquisition; speech perception; developmental psycholinguistics; early word recognition and comprehension

Fukuda, Keisuke
vision, working memory, cognitive neuroscience, EEG 

Pichora-Fuller, M. Kathleen
cognitive hearing science; human communication; hearing; speech; communication disorders and rehabilitation; adult aging

Schellenberg, Glenn
music and cognition; music and emotion; music and development; intelligence; developmental/cognitive psychology

Schneider, Bruce
hearing; vision; sensory and cognitive aging; speech perception; signal processing in audition and vision