Kathy Pichora-Fuller

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office: 905-828-3865, CCT Building room 4063
lab: 905-569-4863, CCT Building room 4140
email: k.pichora.fuller@utoronto.ca





Area of Research

Hearing and Hearing Disorders


Kathy Pichora-Fuller worked for several years as a Clinical Audiologist and the Audiology Supervisor at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto before she undertook doctoral studies in Psychology in 1986. She was on faculty in the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences at the University of British Columbia for ten years before coming to UTM in 2002. At UBC, she was also the Director of the Institute for Hearing Accessibility Research and she continues to be an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at UBC. She has held a CHIR Mid-Career Award in Aging Research and has also been appointed as an Adjunct Scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute where she is a researcher on the “Communication Team” working on iDAPT (Intelligent Design for Adaptation, Participation, and Technology: Innovative Rehabilitation for People in Challenging Environments), funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. She has been a Director on the Board of the Canadian Academy of Audiology and a President of the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

Research Description

Kathy Pichora-Fuller’s basic research program concerns auditory aging and her clinical research concerns audiological rehabilitation for older adults. She has earned an international reputation for her interdisciplinary approach in linking research on auditory and cognitive processing during communication in everyday life.

BA 1977 Toronto (Linguistics)
MSc 1980 UBC (Audiology & Speech Sciences)
PhD 1991 Toronto (Psychology)