Janet Polivy

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office: 905-828-3959, Davis Building room 4023A
lab: 905-828-3785, Davis Building room 3062
email: janet.polivy@utoronto.ca




Area of Research
eating behaviour, dieting, self-regulation/self-change and eating disorders [more]

Courses Taught

PSY329H5 Social/Personality Laboratory
Independent research projects in social psychology or personality. Each project will include the design of an experiment, data collection, and a written report. [39P]
Prerequisite: PSY(201H5, 202H5)/ equivalent, 220H5/230H5, 309H5

PSY343H5 Theories of Psychotherapy
The extension of major theories of personality to treatment (therapy) for personality disorders, and research growing out of the theories. [39L]
Exclusion: PSY332H5 Prerequisite: PSY201H5/equivalent, 230H5

PSY430H5 Special Topics in Personality
In depth examination of selected topics in personality. (Topics change periodically.) [39S]
Prerequisite: PSY343H5, one of PSY311H5, 320H5, 321H5, 325H5, 329H5, 331H5, 340H5