PAL Lab - People


Principal Investigator

Craig Chambers, PhD 

Current Graduate Students

Raheleh Saryazdi (PhD, Psychology, in progress)

• real-time spoken language processing

• aging, technology

• reference in conversational interaction

Postdoctoral Fellow

Adriana Baltaretu (PhD, Psychology, Tilburg University)

• reference and visual context

• spatial descriptions

• reference and reasoning under uncertainty

Research Assistants

Yvette Hou

Christopher Klammer

Lena Donald

Joanne Nuque

Samiha Ahmed


Amit Kadan 

Some former PALs

Graduate Students

Mercedeh Mohaghegh (PhD, Linguistics)

Thesis: Connected speech processes and lexical access in real-time comprehension.

Currently: Speech Scientist, Nuance Communications

Mindaugas Mozuraitis (MA, PhD, Psychology)

Thesis: Managing privileged knowledge about identity in language comprehension.

Currently: Team Leader- Analytics, Cancer Care Ontario

Cara Tsang (PhD, Psychology)

Thesis: Exploring impulsive activation during spoken language comprehension.

Currently: Lead User Research Specialist, MyPlanet Digital 

Jodi Edwards (MA, Linguistics)

Thesis: Exploring impulsive activation during spoken language comprehension.

Currently: Postdoctoral fellow, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 

Postdoctoral Researchers

Daphna Heller

Currently: Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Toronto 

BSc Thesis Students

Chris Klammer (BSc, Psychology)

Thesis: My, what deceptive features you have!  Referential object identity in real-time spoken language processing

Agatha Rodrigues (BSc, Psychology)

Thesis: Effects of overspecification and noise on downstream processing: Evidence from eye-movements

Robert Redford (BSc, Psychology)

Thesis: The good, the bad, and the ugly: Incremental interpretation of evaluative adjectives.

Joshua Romano (BSc, Psychology)

Thesis: Multimodal processing of speech: The relationship between beat gesture synchrony and speech comprehension

Daniel De Santis (BSc, Psychology)

Thesis: Speech disfluencies and the elderly: Effects on online interpretation

Hilary Cooke (BSc, Psychology)

Thesis: Using eye movements to measure parallel lexical activation in English-French bilinguals

Valerie San Juan (BSc, Psychology)

Thesis: The point of knowing 'return': Presuppositions about prior actions constrain real-time reference resolution

Recent Research Assistants and Independent Study Students

Julie Bannon

Piumi Rajasekera

Ronda Lo

Aashita Pattni

(University of Calgary, co-supervision)

Jared Berman (PhD, Psychology)

Thesis: Preschoolers' use of vocal affect as a cue to referential intent



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