Program Description

Students admitted to the University of Toronto Mississauga Bridging Pathway (UTMBP) will be required to enrol in and successfully complete two half-credits over the Fall and Winter academic sessions. Students who achieve 75% or better in the Fall term course may request to take a maximum of two half courses, 1.0 credits, in the Winter term. Upon completion of the first year students with an average of 73% or better, become eligible to proceed to full-time studies at U of T Mississauga. Students who achieve a 63% average will be permitted to proceed to part-time studies at U of T Mississauga. Successful completion of these credits within the UTMBP would count as 1.0 - 1.5 credit towards the 20.0 credits required for an Honours Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree.

Pathway Map

Students will be eligible to choose their courses from a list of those recommended by our Office of the Registrar Student Success Team and the Manager, Pathways Programs.