Timetable 2013-14









First Term

Second Term

POL111S Canada In Comparative Perspective L0101 Miller, F. Tuesday 11am 1pm   DV2074
  T0101   Tuesday 1pm 2pm   IB 320
  T0102   Tuesday 1pm 2pm   IB 340
  T0103   Tuesday 2pm 3pm   IB 320
  T0104   Tuesday 2pm 3pm   IB 340
  T0105   Tuesday 3pm 4pm   IB 320
  T0106   Tuesday 3pm 4pm   IB 340
  T0107   Thursday 1pm 2pm   IB 320
  T0108   Thursday 2pm 3pm   IB 320
  T0109   Thursday 3pm 4pm   IB 320
  T0110   Thursday 4pm 5pm   IB 320
POL114S Politics in the Global World L0101 Jurgensen, A. Monday 4pm 6pm   DV2074
  T0101   Tuesday 2pm 3pm   NE 269
  T0102   Tuesday 3pm 4pm   NE 269
  T0103   Tuesday 4pm 5pm   NE 269
  T0104   Tuesday 5pm 6pm   NE 269
  T0105   Wednesday 9am 10am   NE 269
  T0106   Wednesday 10am 11am   NE 269
  T0107   Wednesday 11am 12pm   NE 269
  T0108   Thursday 11am 12pm   NE 269
  T0109   Thursday 12pm 1pm   NE 269
  T0110   Thursday 1pm 2pm   NE 269
POL200Y Political Theory L0101 Lippincott, M Tuesday 1pm 3pm DV2074 DV2074
  T0101   Tuesday 9am 10am IB 370 IB 370
  T0102   Tuesday 10am 11am IB 350 IB 350
  T0103   Tuesday 10am 11am IB 370 IB 370
  T0104   Tuesday 11am 12pm IB 350 IB 350
  T0105   Tuesday 11am 12pm IB 370 IB 370
  T0106   Tuesday 12pm 1pm IB 350 IB 350
  T0107   Tuesday 3pm 4pm IB 350 IB 350
  T0108   Tuesday 4pm 5pm IB 350 IB 350
  T0109   Tuesday 5pm 6pm IB 350 IB 350
POL 208Y Intro to International Relations L0101 Kotsovillis, S Thursday 3pm 5pm IB 120 IB 120
  T0101   Thursday 9am 10am IB 360 IB 360
  T0102   Tuesday 10am 11am IB 360 IB 360
  T0103   Tuesday 12pm 1pm IB 360 IB 360
  T0104   Thursday 10am 11am IB 340 IB 340
  T0105   Thursday 11am 12pm IB 340 IB 340
  T0106   Thursday 12pm 1pm IB 340 IB 340
  T0107   Thursday 2pm 3pm IB 340 IB 340
  T0108   Tuesday 3pm 4pm DV1143 DV3093
  T0109   Tuesday 4pm 5pm IB 390 IB 390
POL214Y Canadian Government & Politics L0101 Tolley, E Monday 11am 1pm CC1080 KN 137
  T0101   Monday 2pm 3pm IB 360 IB 360
  T0102   Monday 3pm 4pm IB 360 IB 360
  T0103   Monday 4pm 5pm IB 360 IB 360
  T0104   Wednesday 3pm 4pm DV3093 DV3093
  T0105   Wednesday 4pm 5pm DV3093 DV3093
  T0106   Thursday 9am 10am IB 320 IB 320
  T0107   Thursday 10am 11am IB 320 IB 320
  T0108   Thursday 11am 12pm IB 320 IB 320
POL218Y Intro to Comparative Politics L0101 Wolfe/ Bejarano Tuesday 11am 1pm IB 345 IB 345
  T0101   Tuesday 1pm 2pm NE 259 NE 259
  T0102   Tuesday 2pm 3pm NE 259 NE 259
  T0103   Tuesday 3pm 4pm NE 259 NE 259
  T0104   Wednesday 10am 11am NE 257 NE 257
  T0105   Wednesday 11am 12pm NE 257 NE 257
  T0106   Wednesday 12pm 1pm NE 257 NE 257
POL242Y Methods L0101 Hanniman, K Monday 11am 1pm CC2160 CC2160
  T0101   Monday 1pm 2pm CC2160 CC2160
  T0102   Monday 2pm 3pm CC2160 CC2160
POL250Y Environmental Politics L0101 Olive, A Thursday 5pm 7pm IB 235 IB 235
  T0101   Thursday 9am 10am NE 257 NE 257
  T0102   Thursday 10am 11am NE 257 NE 257
  T0103   Thursday 11am 12pm NE 257 NE 257
  T0104   Thursday 2pm 3pm NE 257 NE 257
POL303Y Politics of Islam L0101 Bullock, K Tuesday 3pm 5pm CC3150 CC3150
POL304Y Politics of South Asia L0101 Mukherjee, S Thursday 1pm 3pm IB 380 IB 380
POL310Y Managing International Military Conflict L0101 Bumgardner, J Friday 1pm 3pm IB 235 IB 235
POL317Y Comparative Public Policy L0101 Wolfe, D Monday 1pm 3pm IB 250 IB 250
POL320Y L0101 Bercuson, J Wednesday 1pm 3pm IB 140 IB 140
  T0101   Wednesday 3pm 4pm IB 370 IB 370
  T0102   Wednesday 4pm 5pm IB 370 IB 370
  T0103   Wednesday 5pm 6pm IB 370 IB 370
  T0104   Wednesday 6pm 7pm IB 370 IB 370
POL322Y Enlightenment and Theocracy L0101 Beiner, R Thursday 11am 1pm IB 260 IB 260
POL346Y Urban Politics L0101 Eidelman, G Friday 11am 1pm IB 380 IB 380
POL353Y Canadian Public Policy L0101 Pond, D Thursday 6pm 8pm IB 250 IB 250
POL368Y Women and Politics L0101 Ruddy, K Tuesday 5pm 7pm CC2150 CC2150
POL369Y Media and Politics L0101 Wootten, G Wednesday 9am 11am DV2082 DV2082
POL404Y Political Thought L0101 Beiner, R Monday 11am 12pm NE 257 NE 257
POL4338Y Topics in Comparative Politics L0101 Rice/ Bejarano Thursday 11am 1pm IB 370 IB 370
POL443Y Topics in Comparative Politics L0101 Schatz, E Tuesday 9am 11am NE 259 NE 259
POL484Y Topics in Political Thought L0101 Lippincott, M Monday 1pm 3pm NE 259 NE 259
POL487S Topics in International Relations L0101 Bernstein, S Tuesday 11am 1pm   DV3131