PSL First-year Student Survey

In April 2017, the Peel Social Lab surveyed approximately 675 students enrolled in our introductory sociology course (SOC100H5).

This survey was intended to capture the UTM student experience, and for its first iteration focused especially on experiences with multiculturalism and disability primarily on campus, and perceptions of resistance.

Click to view the codebook (survey questions) and more information on survey sampling and administration.

Survey Summary

Here are some highlights of our findings:

  • 96% of SOC100 students are enrolled full-time
  • 36% of SOC100 students are currently working for pay
    • of those students working for pay, 18% are working more than one job
    • of those students working for pay, 22% are working at least 20 hours a week
  • 73% of students live off-campus
  • 63% of SOC100 students identify as women
  • 48% of SOC100 students were born in a country other than Canada
  • The most common ethnic group among SOC100 students is South Asian (27%)
  • SOC100 most often live in Mississauga (57%), followed by Brampton (18%), Toronto (12%) and Oakville (5%)
  • 37% of SOC100 students plan to start their own business after they complete their education
  • 57% of SOC100 students find faculty, staff, and administrators at UTM to be very welcoming to visible minorities.