Julia Shen


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Specialization •​ ​Queen's University


Originally born in China, Julia immigrated to Canada at the age of 4. Always with a keen interest in sciences, she has studied in Biochemistry for her undergrad and has taken accompanying courses in economics and Business that have both interested her.

Julia enjoys volunteering and has always been a part of healthcare and sustainability in her community. To name a few, Julia has volunteered with Queen's Earth Centre, numerous hospitals in the Kingston and Ottawa region and worked as a high-performing medical assistant. In addition, she has worked in research labs in Ontario and the states to gain experience in bacterial research, breast cancer research and pharmaceutical research.

Julia enjoys solving puzzles, capturing images of wildlife, meeting people from different backgrounds and inspiring the younger generation. In the future, she hopes to play a large role in management in order to inspire the lives of entire populations.