MScSM | Fees & Financing


2017-2018 Session

The annual fees for students who begin the program in September 2017 are listed below. The tuition fees for students who will begin the program in September 2018 will be posted in mid July 2018, once they are confirmed with the UofT Provost Office. The following can be used as a guideline only (expect fees for 2018 to increase):

  • Domestic students tuition fee (2017) - $17,870.00
    • Plus University incidental fees $1,864.34
    • for a Total for 2017-2018 year: $19,734.34 PER YEAR
  • International students tuition fee (2017)- $29,990.00
    • Plus University incidental fees $1,864.34
    • Plus mandatory Health Insurance fee $612
    • for a Total for 2017-2018 year: $32,466.34 PER YEAR

Please note:

  • The tuition and incidental fees stated are annual (per year) fees. As this is a two-year program, fees stated would be times 2 years (for example, domestic tuition would be approximately $19,734 x 2 years = $39,468; International fees would be approximately $32,466 x 2 years = $64,932).
  • The annual tuition and incidental fees are set by the University of Toronto Provost Office and are subject to change each year.
  • All amounts are shown in Canadian dollars.
  • For the most recent tuition information, please see the Provost web site at the following link (updated information available in early summer (usually mid July) of each year:

Textbooks and other materials

Students are expected to purchase all required couse textbooks and Case Studies. The annual cost is estimated at $1,000.

Living Expenses

Living expenses are dependent upon where students live; on campus or off campus; sharing with roommate(s); living at home; living in Mississauga or in Toronto. However, the estimated living expenses are minimally $1,800 per month. This takes into consideration: housing (rent), food, transportation, cell phone, internet connection, personal items, and so on.

Financing your Graduate Education

The MScSM program offers a few one-time Entrance Scholarships each year of up to $1,500, awarded to students (open to both domestic and international students) with the highest GPAs upon entrance to the program. Accepted students do not need to apply for this scholarship; they are automatically considered once they accept our offer. The scholarship appears as a credit on the students' tuition account, in mid to late September in their first year (once a student is registered and has started the program).

The MScSM Program is a professional course-based full-time graduate program with a co-op term and does not offer any partial or fully funded scholarships. Full or partial scholarship funding is generally available for research-based programs only, not our MScSM Program.


Scotiabank Professional Student Plan

The Scotiabank and the University of Toronto have proposed a Professional Student Loan Plan for University of Toronto students enrolled in a professional program. Further information is available.

Federal or Provincial Loan Programs

Domestic students may be eligible for federal Government Student Loans/Grants.

In addition, there may be provincial funds available in a student's home province.

The MScSM Program and UofT cannot guarantee that applicants will receive funding or loans.



International students must seek funding from their home countries.

University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies offers some International Student Awards. Please refer to their website.

International students can contact the Centre for International Experience at the main U of Toronto St George campus or the International Centre at the Mississauga campus for assistance.

Other Financing Options

Please remember that MScSM has a summer co-op work term and most positions are paid. This may assist students with funding their education (pay is dependent on position/company/length of contract, usually at least 10 weeks).

In addition, some graduate students supplement their academic year income by securing a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA) position. Graduate students are welcome to apply to any TA / RA position that they qualify for - for example, graduate students whose undergrad major was in Chemistry, can apply to any TA / RA undergrad course posting in Chemistry or other science-related program. Graduate students whose undergrad was in Commerce, can apply to undergrad Commerce or Business course TA posting. Please note that the hiring decision rests entirely with the hiring professors' preference and department and not with MScSM.

For other funding options, for both domestic and international students, please refer to University of Toronto's School of Graduate Studies (SGS):

More Financial Aid and Advising information is also available at SGS.