Students of the Week 4

Sonieya NagarajahSonieya Nagarajah

During her undergraduate studies in Neuroscience at Western University, Sonieya was an active member of her community and excelled academically. She served as an executive member of Western’s Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross Society and held numerous leadership roles to advocate for healthcare equality.

Sonieya is passionate about dance and uses her talents to give back to the community.  She regularly performs in charity dance shows and trains and mentors young students.   Upon completing the MMI program, Sonieya hopes to work in the healthcare sector to provide innovative perspectives and solutions to changing challenges.

Vipul PatelVipul Patel

Vipul graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in biology. He was the recipient of multiple scholarships for his academic excellence and was active in campus life. 

Vipul’s has volunteered at several local hospitals and athlete care centres working alongside healthcare professionals to provide rehabilitation counseling to patients with chronic diseases. 

Vipul hopes the MMI will allow him to continue to develop a strong business acumen and exceptional communication skills.  He is interested in working in the healthcare sector and seeks to make a positive impact on the industry.  In his free time, Vipul enjoys sports and travelling.

Erin BakerErin Baker

While completing her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences at Western University, Erin was involved in extracurricular activities and intramural sports.  

Through her employment with a commercial real estate company, she discovered that she had an aptitude for business. Her passion for the healthcare industry, coupled with her strategic and creative thinking are what motivates Erin to want to explore and develop innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.

After completing the MMI program, Erin is seeking opportunities in consulting or hospital management.