Minyi ChenB. of Science - Psychology

Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Nicole graduated from China’s Sun Yat-Sen University with a Bachelor of Science specializing in Psychology. During her undergraduate years she focused on Consumer Behavior, Market Research and Cultural Stereotypes. Her research experience and involvement in extracurricular activities has helped foster her interest in big data analysis, marketing and management.

Nicole’s first internship at Nielsen (a marketing research company) where she worked with the Customer Research Finance Group provided her with an insight and understanding of data analysis and market consulting. Her outstanding teamwork and high-level negotiating skills eventually landed her a more challenging position assisting senior analysts with the Trust Product Segmentation Research.

Six months later, Nicole joined Aon Hewitt Human Resource Consulting Company as a Consultant Assistant, where she was responsible for writing the engagement and satisfaction report. This experience led to her current interest in and eventual goal to become an industry analyst professional.

Nicole also joined AIESEC (an international youth organization) where she learned about cultural differences in her undergrad years. She is interested in organizing public benefit activities and helping people who are in real need. As part of the Autism Children Care Project, she won the ‘Best Team’ and ‘Best Team-Leader’ awards, as well as the ‘Orion Charity Activity’ competition.

The MMI program will equip Nicole with management innovation & consultation skills required to negotiate with leaders and future employers in industry, government and research.

Nicole can be contacted at