Sophie CreteB. of Aerospace Engineering

Polytechnique Montreal

Sophie recently graduated with high honors from Polytechnique Montréal, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. Her studies focused on aircraft structures and advanced materials, with an emphasis on fatigue analysis. Her academic performance and determination led to internships at both Bombardier Aerospace’s Advanced Design Team and Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Operation Management and Materials R&D departments. Although being highly technical, these engagements helped her hone essential team-working and problem-solving skills and also provided her with a critical understanding of industry hardships.

During her senior year, Sophie co-managed a team of 17 engineering students mandated by Bombardier Aerospace and oversaw the design of an aft fuselage for one of their commercial aircrafts. She was praised for her leadership, overview and innovative work-planning strategies, which strongly contributed to the team’s success.

To stay balanced, Sophie practices volleyball and other sports daily. Since 2014, she’s been involved in various integration programs that aim to support newly-admitted female students and facilitate the acclimation of exchange students at Polytechnique. Her experience in Belgium as an exchange student has broadened her appreciation for cultural diversity and inspired a desire to travel.

As an MMI student at UTM, Sophie will strive to improve her managing skills and build the necessary tools for an eventual consulting or business strategy position within the aerospace industry.

Sophie can be contacted at