Tanu BediB. of Science - Biology

Ryerson University

Tanu graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Her passion for Biological Sciences and Healthcare started as a child. After graduation she has volunteered and worked at PrIncess Margaret Cancer Centre where worked as an Research Assistant in Psychosocial Oncology. From this experience she has learned and understand some of the psychological struggles cancer patients go through during and after diagnosis. 

Tanu hopes to continue and build her knowledge of Healthcare through the Master of Management of Innovation program and learn the business side of healthcare. With these specific skills set, she hopes to make Healthcare more efficient, affordable and accessible for the upcoming years with a high ageing population.

Apart from her interest in healthcare and management, Tanu is a creative individual and has taken many courses in animation, web development and graphic design and has received an Leadership Award in the Computer Arts. She also has a deep abiding love for the performing arts, particularly dancing, and reading fantasy novels. Tanu intends to blend her creative skills and passion for healthcare in the future and looks forward to a career in healthcare management.

Tanu can be contacted at tanu.bedi@mail.utoronto.ca