Jane DongB. of Science - Physics and Mathematics

University of Toronto

Jane recently graduated with high distinction from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree specializing in physics and mathematics. She has conducted two distinct academic research projects in the fields of condensed matter physics and neuroscience, with focus on testing the proximity effect of superconductors, and studying mice with autistic disorders, respectively.

Jane is currently the co-founder and CMO of U-Dimensions, a 3D modelling company that turns digital models into wearable accessories. Upon accepting a competitive internship offered by the University of Toronto Impact centre, she also became the commercialization officer at Sense Intelligent, a technology start up company aimed at helping the hard of hearing through innovative hearing assistive technologies.

Her past industry experiences include working with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) as a business intern responsible for organizing global conferences that hosted over 300 attendees. She was also a marketing advisor at Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network specialized in developing multimedia advertising campaigns.

Jane plans to advance her entrepreneurial and management skills through the MMI program. She will apply her education and continue to discover and deliver innovative solutions to those in need. 

Jane can be contacted at jane.dong@mail.utoronto.ca