Diane NhieuB. of Arts and Science - Immunology and Human Biology

University of Toronto

Diane was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada (where she fell in love with maple syrup and beavertails). She recently graduated from the University of Toronto focusing on Immunology and Human Biology (where her foodie infatuation bloomed into a passionate love affair when she discovered froyo). During these four years, Diane has been involved in and outside the classroom.

Diane enjoys forming mentorship bonds as a support system. She was a Peer Mentor for First Year Learning Communities (FLC). A program that helps first year students transition from high school into university by hosting social, academic and developmental sessions. She has also contributed to the first year student experience by being an Executive for the New College Orientation. She planned various social events to welcome over 700 incoming students. She has been involved in New College Student Council as Deputy Returning Officer. Her role was to regulate and run the student council elections. She introduced a debate style candidates’ forum to further engage the audience and co-created an election committee to allow more student involvement during the election period. Diane was recognized for her continuous growth as a leader with the New College Student Council Leadership Award.

Diane completed a fourth year research project in Dr. Goetz Ehrhardt’s lab at the University of Toronto, in the department of Immunology. Her project consists of utilizing variable lymphocyte receptors to identify biomarkers on memory B cells. What distinguishes her from others in her field of expertise is her apparent lack of fear in taking on responsibility. It's simple enough to explain why: the road to success lies not in the path you take, but the feet that move you.

Diane can be contacted at diane.nhieu@mail.utoronto.ca