Andrew SchellenbachHonors B. of Science - Biology

University of Western Ontario

Andrew Schellenbach recently graduated from the University of Western Ontario (UWO) with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a focus on genetics and biochemistry. In his final year, Andrew conducted his thesis project on the ecotoxicological quality of water associated with freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms (fHABs).

Andrew brings a variety of in-depth work experience in veterinary medicine, biochemical and environmental sciences labs, and in field research.  In the Spring of 2014, he was one of three members of the Canadian research team studying the effects of Ocean Acidification on fatty acid biosynthesis, bio-available iron chelation and the shift in toxic algal community composition at sea in the Pacific Ocean. He has also assisted a veterinarian in surgeries and patient consultations, assisted in research efforts to determine the role of vinculin in normal cell processes and diseased states such as cardiomyopathy, and was a member of the freshwater research team in South-Central Ontario where he purchased large scale equipment, helped plan the field campaign, and assisted in sample collection and analysis. Currently, Andrew is involved in investigating the source and effects of nutrient feedwater from greenhouses, studying the effects of various pesticides on pollinator species, and assessing the aquatic health of Lake Erie for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

In addition, he volunteers at a youth camp helping children with varying neurological conditions to improve their social and physical skills. As well, he coaches a competitive baseball team and is working with the Health Services unit at UWO to develop a platform to communicate mental, sexual and general health issues to the student body.

With a strong foundation in the applied sciences and a diverse skillset, Andrew hopes to further develop his scientific reasoning and professional management skills to take on a leadership role in the healthcare or biotechnology fields.

Andrew can be contacted at