Students of the Week 8

Manmeet DhaliwalManmeet Dhaliwal

Manmeet is a Kinesiology graduate from McMaster University.  She completed a clinical practicum with a local back and foot clinic where she was instrumental in creating a video series to educate patients about recommended rehab exercises.  

Manmeet hopes to work with a pharmaceutical company after she graduates from MMI.  She is a natural team player who is an exceptional problem solver and enjoys running and hiking in her spare time. 

John Kedzierski John Kedzierski

John has a strong interest in both finance and entrepreneurship and hopes to work in equity research or strategy post MMI. 

While completing his BSc degree in Genetics and Biotechnology at U of T, John was the President of U of T’s ski club and also participated in intramural sports. 

Sanie RizviSanie Rizvi

While completing her undergraduate degree in Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology at the University of Toronto, Sanié developed a strong appreciation complexity of developing effective drugs. 

She joins MMI with a desire to learn about the innovative tools needed to make a significant impact on the drug discovery and approval process, to help increase productivity and bring more therapeutic drugs to market.

Sanié has dedicated more than 300 hours to volunteering with the Hospital for Sick Children and the Toronto Western Hospital.  In her spare time, Sanié enjoys playing badminton, volleyball and soccer.