Our lab focuses on studying the dynamical motion of DNA, which, while being intimately involved in genetic function, has operational effects that are not well understood at present. Errors in genetic expression, besides arising from mistakes in the code itself, could also manifest by macromolecules that over-twist or over-stretch the DNA, problems in packing within the nucleus, long-range interference between genes, and so on. Studying the dynamics of DNA, while challenging, has the potential to define a new paradigm for our understanding of how living cells function.

NEWS (17/07/15): We have a position available for a graduate student interested in gene silencing and chromosome dynamics to start in the Fall of 2015. Please send an email to Dr. Joshua Milstein .

NEWS (16/07/15): Our lab was featured in the UofT news again (link).

NEWS (16/06/15): Our latest paper " Axial Optical Traps: A New Direction for Optical Tweezers " is now available online in the Biophysical Journal.

NEWS (29/05/15): Nafiseh Rafiei passed her Ph.D. qualifying exam! Excellent!

NEWS (23/05/15): Haowei Wang is leaving for a faculty position in the Department of Optics and Optical Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China. Best of luck Haowei!!

NEWS (1/05/15): Paul Penkul was awarded an NSERC USRA to work in the lab this summer.

NEWS (18/04/15): We have a number of undergraduates working in the lab over the summer. Welcome to Em (Physics), Thurga (Biology), Ezra (Physics) and Julia (Computer Science)!