Our lab focuses on studying the dynamical motion of DNA, which, while being intimately involved in genetic function, has operational effects that are not well understood at present. Errors in genetic expression, besides arising from mistakes in the code itself, could also manifest by macromolecules that over-twist or over-stretch the DNA, problems in packing within the nucleus, long-range interference between genes, and so on. Studying the dynamics of DNA, while challenging, has the potential to define a new paradigm for our understanding of cellular function, which could have a range of implications for our understanding of health and disease.

NEWS (4/1/14): Looking for a graduate student to work on Super-Resolution Imaging starting in the Summer or Fall of 2014. Please contact Dr. Joshua Milstein directly if interested.

NEWS (3/28/14): "The Nucleoid-Associated Hha/H-NS Protein Complex Can Be Triggered by a Mechanical Signal to Condense Bacterial DNA," was submitted for publication.

NEWS (3/25/14): "Using Budget Microcontrollers for Data Acquisition and Rapid Feedback Control," was submitted for publication.

NEWS (2/24/14): The Lab received a Research and Scholarly Activity Fund Award for our work on Super-Resolution Imaging

NEWS (9/16/13): We have two new graduate students: Russell Pollari, M.Sc. Physics, and Sam Yoshua, Ph.D. Physics.

NEWS (9/9/13): We have two visiting students who have started working in the lab. Tai-Wei Way, a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering from NCKU in Taiwan, and Nanak Singh, a Chemistry undergraduate from Cardiff University in Wales.

NEWS (8/10/13): Nafiseh Rafiei, a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering, is the newest member of our lab.

NEWS (5/31/13): Dr. Amir Mazouchi has joined the lab as a postdoctoral researcher.