Viviana Garay

Senior Study Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Canada
Class of 2006

Viviana Garary

Since graduating from the MBiotech Program in 2006, Viviana has progressed her career within Clinical Development at GlaxoSmithKline and is now presently a Senior Study Manager, where she is responsible for the oversight and management of Canadian clinical trials in various therapeutic areas. She has also recently started managing International regions and currently oversees clinical trials in the Asia Pacific and Latin America.

As part of a volunteer program that GSK launched 4 years ago, PULSE Program, she was selected for an opportunity to complete a 6 month volunteer secondment with the Canadian Cancer Society's Policy and Advocacy Department. In this project, she had to create the resources and build their capabilities in regards to personalized medicine and the impact on Canadian cancer patients, paving the way for future advocacy work in this area.

According to Viviana, the most valuable aspects of the MBiotech Program were the team collaborations and the relationships she built with her peers.  She says that in the pharma industry, it is all about collaborating with multiple players both locally and globally to ensure a project is successful. Another element from the MBiotech Program that she felt helped her excel in her career was the prominent focus on presentation skills. As a Senior Study Manager, this has been particularly helpful as she has had to present and train both physicians and local staff on various subject matters.

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