Olga Vorobyova

Senior Strategist, Klick Health
Class of 2013                     

Olga V Headshot                                                        
Olga's career in pharmaceutical marketing was jump-started by her M.Biotech co-op placement as a Marketing Associate at Roche Canada. Olga spent almost two years at Roche, working on the HER2+ breast cancer portfolio and supporting the launch of two new prodcuts to the Canadian market.

Interested in exploring alternative career options post-graduation, Olga pursued an internship offered via a joint program by University of Toronto Leslie Dan School of Pharmacy and Munk School of Global Affairs. She spent three months as a Healthcare Consultant in Costa Rica at Sanigest International working on global health policy and research projects for clients across the private sector, government, and UN organizations.

Realizing that her interests lie more in the business side of healthcare, Olga returned to Toronto to work at Klick Health, a digital healthcare marketing agency. She spent a year and a half in the Editorial department, first as a Medical Editor and then as a Lead Medical Editor, leading a team in managing the regulatory compliance and quality of digital promotional materials. Olga than transitioned to a marketing-focused role as a Senior Strategist at Klick where today she manages business planning and execution of multi channel marketing programs for global clients in the pharma, biotech and med device space. Olga enjoys the diversity of an agency environment, where she is constantly solving new business challenges with diverse clients and therapeutic areas.

Olga credits the M.Biotech program with building her teamwork skills and teaching her how to adapt to different styles and personalities to form high-performing teams - skills she uses every day, working in an agency environment. The M.Biotech program also helped Olga develop her problem solving and presentation skills, which have been instrumental in helping her grow in her career.